XFN 373: Four Man Heavyweight Kickboxing Tournament Recap and Results

TULSA, OKLAHOMA: XFN 373 has the return of the 4-man Heavyweight Kickboxing Tournament. Haze Wilson, Demario Dennis, Rob Morrow, and Jefe Hodges for the XFN Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship. Alfred Walker who was supposed to defend his XFN 145lb Kickboxing title still chose to fight Cory Jackson after Jackson came into weight in 13lbs overweight. Jackson could not make the weight after the one-hour grace period given to lose the weight. Jackson was fined $1k from his purse which was awarded to Walker’s purse. Then and the main event is the anticipated return of Peter Stanonik who showed a possible superstar in the making after his last outing. A complete dominating performance over the heavy-handed, highly skilled UFC veteran Bryan Foster. Stanonik will take on the tough always game opponent in Lorawnt Nelson. To watch some of the video highlights of this event you can go to their Facebook page by going here.


1.) Heavyweight Kickboxing Tournament
Demario Dennis vs Haze Wilson
Two Glory veterans squared off for round one. The round was a tough fight both fighters dropping heavy shots what you would expect from a Heavyweight fight. From start to finish this was an all-out war. Big shots standing toe to toe. Haze Wilson takes the UD in an all-out war. What a way to start the Heavyweight Tournament.

2.) Heavyweight Kickboxing Tournament
Jefe Hodges vs Rob Morrow
1st round was a heavy-hitting chess match. Round the fireworks began and Morrow stops Hodges :37 seconds into the 2nd round via referee stoppage.

3.) MMA
Dylan Saldivar vs Josh Anderson
What an action-packed round. The huge turning point is when Saldivar hit Anderson with a flying knee that turned the whole fight around. Saldivar wins via rear-naked choke.

4.) Kickboxing
Cory Jackson vs Alfred Walker
Walkers opponent Jackson weighed in 10lbs overweight walker still agreed to fight but Walker’s 145lb Kickboxing title was not on the line. That 10lbs cost Jackson $1k. In a very technical fight. Walker managed to dictate the fight and limit the exchanges picking Jackson apart for a UD victory.

5.) Heavyweight Tournament Final
Rob Morrow vs Haze Wilson
What an exciting match. Fight of the night guarantee. Rob’s technical approach worked and knocked down Wilson hurting him badly. Wilson got up and right as the round ended. In round two the action continued Wilson knocked an off-balance Morrow down. Morrow got back to his feet and tried standing and banging with Wilson which was the biggest mistake of the fight. Wilson would drop Morrow one more time before knocking Morrow down for the last and final time leaving referee Kevin Nix seeing enough to stop the bout at the 2:22 mar, in round 2. And once again XFN Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion Haze “The Hooligan” Wilson.

6.) MMA Lightweight
Lorawnt Nelson vs Peter Stanonik
From start to finish Nelson dominated the heavy-handed Stanonik. Stanonik appeared to have been bothered by Nelson’s sheer will and raw power the entire fight. Nelson stops Stanonik in Round 3 at the 1:36 mark.

XFN 373 was on fire from the opening bell of the first bout until the final bell of the last fight. We saw Alfred Walker display that real fighters fight no matter the circumstances. We saw the resurrection of a warrior in Haze “The Hooligan” Wilson. Many had written off Wilson after a few rough fights and a few tough losses but Wilson never gave up on himself and has once again become XFN Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion once again. Besides resurrecting his career, in true Wilson fashion, he drops a big hint at ISKA Kickboxing Champion and fellow Glory veteran Randy “Boom Boom” Blake that he wants to fight Blake. That fight needs to happen and see who’s the true King of Tulsa. We also saw the surprise dominance from Lorawnt Nelson. Nelson completely decimated Peter Stanonik in a brutal 3 round beating until referee Kevin Nix seen enough. XFN 373 showed again why they are not only the longest-running promotion but also the best in not just Oklahoma but the whole lower midsouth region. They are definitely making their mark on combat sports.


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