XFN 374: Four Man Contender Tournament Recap and Results

River Spirit Casino’s Paradise Cove hosted XFN 374 on Friday, October 8, 2021. We saw the anticipated debut of Oklahoma State Wrestling standout Jacobe Smith. A huge 4-man welterweight Kickboxing tournament Ariel Juarez vs the heavy-handed Lowrant Nelson whos moving in weight classes, Devin White vs Blayne Slavik. Then we get to see if Lightening strikes twice for Ray Jones or if that first fight was just a fluke as we see the anticipated rematch between Haze Wilson vs Ray Jones.

1.) Welterweight Kickboxing Tournament Semi-Finals

Blayne Slavik vs Devin White: An actioned packed Round 1 where we saw White be more technical as Slovik went for just one big shot. The technician won that Round White dropping Slovik as the round ended saving Slovik. Rnd 2 was more of the same as white the technician dropped Slovik a second time with a hard shot to the body that you could tell bothered Slovik the remainder of the round. Wow-what a round 3 Slovik stepped up his tempo landing some big shots on White. The big shots appeared to bother White but didn’t knock him down. White’s early technical work and 2 knockdowns in a 3 Round fight were too much for Slavik to come back from. White wins a UD and moves on to the finals of the tournament.

2.) Welterweight Kickboxing Match Semi-Final

Ariel Juarez vs Lowrant Nelson: Wow what a first round! Both fighters dropping some heavy shots. Fighting in a phone booth but Juarez got the worse of it getting knocked down halfway through round one. What a war. You could tell from the beginning this one wasn’t going to go the distance. Nelson drops Juarez 3 times in the 2nd round forcing referee Kevon Nix to stop the fight. Nelson wins by TKO.

3.) 170 MMA Bout

Roderick Stewart vs Jacobe Smith: In only almost disaster opening seconds Stewart lands a flying knee as Smith shoots. But the resiliency Smith runs through the knee like a bull. A very impressive one-sided fight. Smith took Stewart to the ground and that was all he outmuscled any attempt that Stewart tried to get back to his feet. Smith ends it with some brutal ground and pound. A very humble and well-spoken Smith this kid has a bright bright future ahead of him.

4.) 135 lb MMA Bout

Keaton Gorton vs Michael Billups: Round one was a very technical fight that seen both fighters land significant strikes the difference-maker was I don’t believe Billups took them as well. Round two more of the same except Gorton seemed to tire toward the end of the round as Billups stepped up the pace. What a war from bell to bell. Both men dropping heavy shots and leaving bloody as this match went the distance. Gorton wins a unanimous decision.

5.) Heavyweight Kickboxing Match

Ray Jones vs Haze the Hooligan Wilson: In an all-out war that should be the fight of the night. This rematch from 2 years ago lived up to the hype. Both men dropping heavy shots hurting each other many times. Each fighter knocked the other down in the 2nd round. An early point deduction in Round 3 from Jones didn’t stop the action any, a hard-hitting final 3rd round both fighters left it all out in the cage tonight. Haze Wilson takes home the UD a very unhappy Jones left the caged with some choice words for Wilson and referee Nix. Will, there be a rubber match….? Or will Wilson get his fight to see who the King of Tulsa is against Boom Boom Blake.

XFN374 did not disappoint it was action-packed from start to finish. It had the impressive debut of Oklahoma State wrestling standout Jacobe Smith who dismantled Roderick Stewart under 30 seconds of round 1. We saw the continued resurgence of the career of Haze “The Hooligan” Wilson. There is an old saying that “Vengeance is a dish best served cold” and Haze “The Holligan” Wilson was cold with it Saturday night. Wilson won a hard-fought unanimous decision in his rematch against Ray Jones. Leading to the big question now “What’s Next” will it be a rubber match between Wilson and Jones or will Wilson get the match he’s been asking for against Randy “Boom Boom” Blake to see who is the King of Tulsa? The four-man welterweight Kickboxing Tournament was fireworks from the opening bell of the first fight to the final bell of the last fight we saw four of the best strikers in the world put it all on the line. There was back and forth action, devastating shots, and top it off with dramatic finishes but in the end, only one man could be crowned winner and that man was Lowrant Nelson the heavyhanded Kickboxee who is making a name fast in XFN. XFN continues to show why they are the best promotion in the mid-south. We will see XFN again on November 13th at Buffalo Run Casino in Miami Oklahoma we can’t wait!


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