XFN 378 Recap and Results

XFN makes it 2022 debut with XFN 378 live from the beautiful River Spirit Casino and Resort. In a huge stacked card that features a 4 man Heavyweight Kickboxing tournament Featuring Haze “The Hooligan” Wilson who is riding a big 4 fight sin streak. This card also includes the young up and coming soon to be superstar former Oklahoma Stater wrestling standout and all American Jacobe Smith, also Lowrant “Smash” Nelson puts his Welterweight title on the line against Adrien Weathersby.

1) Reserve for Heavyweight Kickboxing Tournament: Phillip Latu vs Rodrigue Ibanoa
A very fill out rnd 1 Latu looking to land a big shot and Ibanoa using his distance and mixing more up with kicks and punches. Rnd 2 Latu put the pressure on in this round walking Ibanoa. Latu forcing Ibanoa against the cage most the round. Rnd 3 a few more punches thrown and landed this rnd for Ibanoa. Latu slowed the pressure down and appeared to be looking for more a final round knockout. Latu takes home the W with a split decision victory, if a fighter in the Heavyweight Tournament cannot continue for whatever reason Latu will be the fill in for that fighter.

2) Heavyweight Kickboxing Tournament: Anthony Garrett vs Haze “The Hooligan” Wilson Wilson has a big round 1 knocking Garrett down but the resilient Garrett survived the round. Rnd 2 was the same intensity as rnd 1 Garrett cut Wilson badly above the left eye with a big knee, leaving Wilson leaking like a bad transmission but the warrior in Wilson gets him tot finish the round. Dr stops the fight before the 3rd rnd due to the cut over Wilson’s eye. Garrett moves onto the finals.

3) Heavyweight Kickboxing Tournament: Darion Abbeys vs Delvin Nichols
Abbey comes out aggressive walking down Nichols the entire round. Abbey drops Nichols with a kick to the body as the rnd ends. The Aggressive Abbey continues his stalking style of tough offense in Rnd two. Abbey hurt Nichols a few times in rnd 2 nothing deveststing nor did he capitalize on it. Rnd 3 looked like Nichols was just trying to survive and not get stopped, while Abbey appeared to know he was winning the fight and was in cruise control. Abbey wins the bout by UD and moves onto the finals to face Anthony Garrett.

4) Lightweight MMA Bout: Nicholas Whitehead vs Tracy Reeder
What a great back and forth rnd 1. Both Reeder and Whitehead showed their wrestling backgrounds. Whitehead appeared to land the more strikes at the end of the round with a small flurry to end rnd 1. Rnd 2 Reeder appeared that fatigue was setting in from his aggressive rnd 1, Whitehead dominated rnd 2 on the ground with ground and pound for majority of the round. Rnd 3 the resiliency of Reeder came out and dominated the round in the ground. Reeder heald Whiteheads back the entire rnd setting in the RNC and choking the tough Whitehead who would not tap and tried to escape till he was unconscious at the 4:44 into the 3rd and final rnd.

5) Welterweight MMA Bout: Will Florentino vs Jacobe Smith
The explosive, stong Smith came out aggressive Florentino was going for the uppercut as Smith came over the top with a Superman Punch dropping Florentino. Smith proceeds with the ground and pound ending the fight in 23 seconds of rnd 1. The future of Oklahoma MMA is looking promising with the next big thing Jacobe

6) Heavyweight Kickboxing Tournament Finals: Darien Abbey vs Anthony Garrett
Abbey drops Garrett hard early in the 1st rnd, Garrett appeared to be out cold but comes back to life as referee Kevin Nix gets to 4 count hops up alive. Garrett finished the round strong backing up Abbey the remainder of the round. Rnd 2 was more hard shots from Abbey, Abbey drops Garrett hard again with a spinning g back fist. Garrett did not appear he was going to get up Garrett on the ground shaking the head I guess shaking the cobweb outs and is up at the 9 count. But it was only the beginning of the end for Garrett. Abbey jumps on him lands a big right hand drops him for the final time at the 1:36 of rnd 2. Abbey takes home the tournament win with a big KO.

7) Welterweight Kickboxing Championship
Adrien Weathersby vs Lowrant “Smash” Nelson

Action packed rnd 1. Both Nelson and Weathersby came out swinging. Nelson landing the bigger shots and Weathersby landing the faster and more precise shots. More of the same out of rnd 2 lots of punches just depends on what you like fast and precise or big shots. Nelson head movement helping to offset the speed of Weathersby. Rnd 3 Weathersby landing a lot of head shots as Nelson started landing many many leg jicks to the the lead leg of Nelson trying to slow down Weathersby movement to force him to stand in front of him as they go into the championship rounds. Rnd 4 this fight is an all offense war more mixing it up from both fighters kicks and punches. Rnd 5 both men looking exhausted but continue to drop some heavy strikes they both left it in the cage tonight. Don’t let the score cards fool you this fight could have gone either way 49-46 across the board AND THE NEW XFN Welterweight Kickboxing Champion Adrien Weathersby!

XFN starts off 2022 the same way they ended 2021 strong! XFN378 had everything you wanted in a fight card they had big Heavyweight ko’s, young up and coming promising careers in Jacobe Smith and New reigns at the Welterweight Kickboxing Title as Adrien Weathersby takes a UD over the always tough, always game Lowrant “Smash” Nelson to begin his title reign at XFN and let me tell you if you get a win over Nelson you earned it and he earned every bit of it tonight as he begins his reign as XFN Welterweight Champion. XFN shows why they are the longest running MMA promotion in the US and the best promotion in the midsouth. XFN is starting to make noise all across the US watch out for XFN is going to make its mark and stake its claim this year with cards like this one tonight they just started 2022 off with a big bang.


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