XFN 379 Recap And Results; New Champions Crowned

Xtreme Fight Night (XFN) returned to the beautiful River Spirit Casino and Resort in Tulsa Oklahoma as they hosted XFN 379. We saw for the very first time in XFN history that 3 of the 5 amateur champions were crowned at this event, which guaranteed fireworks before the main card. On the main card which you can watch the replay on UFC Fight Pass, we saw the return of “The Hooligan” Haze Wilson who never disappoints. We also saw the next 4 men Demario Dennis, Rodrigue Ibanda, Jeff Hodges, and Phillip Latu compete in the 4 man heavyweight kickboxing tournament. This set the final stage as the winner will be granted the final spot in the Grand Prix Heavyweight Kickboxing tournament in June. The always exciting XFN Lightweight Champion Lowrant Smash Nelson defended his title against the undefeated extremely dangerous Jose “Scarface” Montelongo. This card did guarantee to be action-packed from start to finish.

Main Card:

1.) Amateur MMA Championship 155lb: Wyatt Farr vs Tristan Gwaultney
Both fighters game to get it but Gwaultney took it to the ground and that was it. He finishes Farr in the final seconds of the 1st round by RNC.

2.) Heavyweight Kickboxing: Cesar Guitterez vs Haze Wilson
A first that was an all-out war. Big shots from both fighters. Both fighters had to pick themselves up off the canvas. The fight is stopped Guitterez doesn’t answer the bell for round 2 due to a broken hand.
Haze Wilson TKO.

3.) 4 Man Heavyweight Kickboxing Tournament: Rodrigue Ibanda vs Demoreo Dennis
Rnd 1 Ibanda landing the more efficient shots as Dennin has the more output. Pretty even round. The second round started with Dennis dropping Ibanda to start the round. Ibanda finished strong with his right hand constantly finding its home on Dennis’s chin. The effects of that right hand may be starting to show. Round 3 started out with fireworks still Dennis dropping Ibanda again in the third but the resilient Ibanda would not go away and fought till the final bell. Dennis took home the win with a unanimous decision victory and moved on to the tournament finals.

4.) Heavyweight Kickboxing Tournament: Phillip Latu vs Jeff Hodges
A very explosive back and forth in the very first round. Both fighters landed big shots and took big shots well. Tough round to call. Round two showed a little more output from Latu. Hodges may be slowing down some. Hodges appeared to slow down even more in round 3 as Latu took full advantage and let his arsenal go. Latu takes the win by unanimous decision.

5.) Kickboxing: Cody Nieto Clark vs Nicholas Whitehead
Clark makes quick work of Whitehead. Clark drops Whitehead 3x in the first round forcing Kevin Nix to stop the fight. Clark wins by TKO at the 2:10 of round 1.

6.) MMA Lightweight championship Match: Tracy Reeder vs Roderick Stewart
Reeder puts on an amazing performance dominated the fight stopping Stewart in the first round via Ground and pound.

7.) Heavyweight Kickboxing Tournament Finals: Demoreo Dennis vs Phillip Latu
In an action-packed first round, both fighters are coming for this money! Dennis comes on big in the second round dropping Latu. But Latu has no quit in him and finished strong and even hurt Dennis but couldn’t knock him down. Round 3 more of the same Dennis drops Latu with a leg kick to a battered left leg. But the resiliency of Latu would not let him stop he finished strong like a true warrior battling through the battered leg and fought to the final bell. Dennis wins the 4 man Kickboxing Tournament and moves on to June to fight in The Grand Prix.

8.) Kickboxing Lightweight Championship Jose Scarface Montonlongo vs Lowrant Smash Nelson
Round 1 Nelson came out strong early. Looking like Nelson came out to impose his will and is doing just that making Scarface fight off his back foot. In round 2, Nelson’s hard-nosed offense is starting to pay off dropping Scarface with a leg kick. Nelson’s imposing style is looking like it may be taking a toll on Scarface. What a 3rd round, more of the Nelson onslaught of offense, constantly backing Scarface up to the cage. Nelson shows zero respect for Scarface power dropping his hands at the end of the round letting Scarface have two free shots and just smiling at him. 4th round was a war. Both fighters came out guns blazing. But that wasn’t enough for Scarface, Nelson stops Scarface TKO midway through the fourth. And still XFN Lightweight Champion Lowrant Smash Nelson.

Post Main Card Fights

MMA Flyweight

9.) Jimi Natividad vs Miles McDonald: Pretty even round 1. McDonald knocked down Natividad but Natividad regained control on the ground finishing the round by dropping some good shots from the top. Natividad came out with an onslaught of offense knocking McDonald to the ground and stopping McDonald TKO via Ground & Pound at 2:59 of the 2nd round.

10.) Amateur Kickboxing: Cody Matthews vs James Davis – Cody Matthews takes the SD victory.

11.) Amateur Kickboxing: Gavin Garcia vs Corey Johnson – Garcia TKO in 10 seconds of the 1st round

12.) XFN Amateur Lightweight Champion: Michael Senf vs Erik Myers
A big first round for Senf. Who landed at will. Myers started strong but slowed as the round went on. Rnd2 it appears Senfs power is starting to wear on Myers. Senf wobbled Myers at the end of the round. Senf’s leg kicks and power shots were too much for Myers. Senf Stops Meyers at 1:47 in the 3rd round. And new XFN Amateur Lightweight Champion.

13.) Grappling Match: Malik Thompson vs Caleb Basma – Winner leg triangle Caleb Basma

14.) Super Lightweight Amateur MMA Championship: Justin Budd vs Dereck Alexander
In a tough first round, both fighters showed why it could go their way. Justin Budd comes out in round 2 on a mission and mission accomplished taking Alexander to the ground and stopping him via Ground & Pound at 1:30 into the 2nd round. And the new XFN Amateur Super Lightweight Champion Justin Budd.

XFN 379 once again proved why they are the longest-running Combat Sports Promotions. We saw the beginning of three young promising careers as Richard Gwaultney became the XFN 155lb Amateur MMA Champion, Michael Senf became the XFN Amateur Kickboxing Lightweight Champion and Justin Budd took home the XFN Super Lightweight Amateur MMA Championship. Then there was Haze “The Hooligan” Wilson do what “The Holligan” does best and put on a show with an all-out WAR taking home the TKO victory. Demoreo Dennis and his Iron chin fought through two extremely dangerous opponents and not only win the 4-man Kickboxing Tournament but reserved his spot for the Grand Prix Heavyweight Kickboxing Tournament in June. Lowrant “Smash” Nelson lived up to the name “Smash.” He Smashed Jose “Scarface” Montonlongo for four rounds till referee Kevin Nix stopped the contest. If you have not been to an XFN event or watched them on UFC Fight Pass we highly recommend it. XFN has a rich history of amazing fighters who passed through their cage from UFC Legends Chuck Liddell and Johnny Hendricks to local Legends like Randy “Boom Boom” Blake. Keep an eye out for XFN there is a reason why they have been around for 40 yrs strong. You won’t be disappointed.

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