OKLAHOMA: Xtreme Fight Night (XFN) returned to the Beautiful Buffalo Run Casino and Resort in Miami OK for XFN 380. Their were some amazing up and coming stars on this show. Kickboxing firecracker Brittany Thurlo, the always entertaining Devin White and superstar in the making Michael Billups.

1.) Kickboxing Welterweight
David Hajiev vs Kylin Pierce
Action packed round 1 Hajiev came out the gate hot but Pierce ended the round stronger. Round two Pierce came on like how he ended landing big strikes backing Hajiev up for most the round. 3rd round wow what a war of a round. You could definitely tell both men knew they may have needed that round! In a 29-28 UD victory David Hajiev takes home the victory.

2.) Submission Match
Pablo Valoquio vs Roderick Stewart
Valoquio wins in sudden.

3.) MMA Featherweight Bout
Tyler Morgan vs Dakota Jones
What a first round. Both fighters nearly submitted each other. Jones landed more shots shut Morgan controlled the ground more tough round to score. Round 2 was Another hard fought rouhnd. Morgan controlled the ground again keeping Jones on his back most the round. Morgan’s ground game was too much for the heavy handed Jones to overcome, Morgan ends the match at the 1:02 into the 3rd by RNC.

4.) Kickboxing Flyweight
Scott Lome vs Erik Carillo
What a round 1. Both men came out firing big shots. Lome appeared to land the more efficient blows. Round 2 was more of the same. Both fighters had their moments. But both fighters are appearing to slow down a bit. Wow what a fight overall. Both men giving it all they had in an all out war. Big shots from both men and hurting one another numerous times. Lome takes home the UD victory tonight.

5.) Kickboxing
Lundon Dirrell vs Brittany Thurlo
Wow! What a round 1 Thurlo never disappoints what a rnd one by both women. Thurlo making Dirrell pay everytime she gets on the inside. Another war of a round in round 2. Dirrell did a better job at keeping Thurlo at bay with her reach. Thurlo may be winded. Just what a fight is all I can say! Thurlo offense accuracy slowed in the round. Dirrell stepped up her output. This fight could have gone either way. In a very close split decision Brittany Thurlo takes home the Win tonight. Thurlo’s pressure style won her even more fans tonight.

6.) MMA featherwwight Bout
Nick O’Brian vs Zak Moore
What a war! Both men landing heavy shots O’Brian controlled the game most the round. Except for at 3:25 mark of round 1 when Moore ends it with a RNC!

7.) Kickboxing Super Lighyweight
Zack Kelley vs Devin White
Both men came out swinging. You could tell from the jump this one wasn’t going the distance. Devin White ends it at the 1:23 mark of round 1 with a knee to the head.

8.) MMA for the Vacant XFN Bantamweight Championship
Nuf Valoquio vs Michael Billups Billups dominated round 1. But wow Valoquio with stood a big big storm from Billups. Billups onslaught of offense was toouch for Valoquio to keep overcoming as Billups ends it at 3:18 into the 2nd round and the New Bantamweight Champion Michael Billups!

XFN continues to show why they are the longest running MMA Promotion in the world. Stretching a span of 44 yrs. With shows like last night they are a global show waiting to take off. XFN380 had it all from dramatic finishes, surprising finishes, to all wars. If you didn’t make it last night you absolutely missed out. You will most definitely not want to miss their next show June 24th XFN will return to Riverspirit Casino and resort. For one of their biggest shows of the year be their or catch it on UFC Fightpass.

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