Xiaomi ROAD FC 029 Official Results: Choi Mu-Gyeom delivers technical title defense over Marlon Sandro

Xiaomi presents ROAD FC 029 official results: Choi Mu-Gyeom keeps the ROAD FC Featherweight Title

13 March, 2016  ROAD FC 029 took place on 12 March, 2016.  ROAD FC’s Wonju, Korea homecoming was nothing short of an amazing night. The Chiak Gymnasium was at capacity and boomed with enthusiasm from start to finish.

The opening fight of the night between was two massive veterans of MMA in Asia, “Parky” Park Won-Sik and Shinji Sasaki. With over fights between them, the match was expected to be a showcase of finesse and experience. However, prominent grappler Sasaki stunned the crowd with a rapid fire attack that consisted of a fake to the right and a roundhouse from the left that sent Parky slammed back into the canvas and the cage.

When ultra-cuties Lee Ye-Ji and Shimomakise Natsuki heard the cage door close, the smiles came off and the fists came out. It seemed to be a clear-cut striker versus grappler scenario, with Lee putting in the work from the top on her feet and grounded. But when Shimomakise got a takedown and brought the fight into her foray, Lee showed that she owns grappling skills as well by throwing up her legs to catch an armbar submission win.

In the Korean fan’s special fight of the night featherweight contender Moon Jea-Hoon jumped in on late notice to face former rival Kim Min-Woo. After Moon’s decimation of Yuta Nezu and a possible second title shot looming, he certainly didn’t have to put it all on the line, yet he did. Kim and Moon went back and forth with brutal leg kicks, head kicks, jabs and punches through the entire 3 rounds. After the war concluded, the points showed that the work done by Kim had earned him the win to bring the rivalry even at 1-1.

Carlos Toyota and Shim Gun-Oh both looked mighty when standing across from one another in their open weight match.  Toyota didn’t allow Shim to get out anything from his toolbox as he blasted him to the canvas with bombs that stopped the bout at just 17 seconds in.

In the co-main event, Wonju native and top Korean fighter Kim Soo-Chul faced yet another massive veteran in his career in Marcus Brimage.  Brimage’s style was definitely a new puzzle for Kim to figure out, as his strong wrestling, barrage of punches, and sheer toughness proved.  Fans were treated to a barn burner as neither would back off, even when a head clash opened up a huge gash in Brimage’s brow.  Fortunately, it didn’t stop the fight which delightfully went to the bell.  Kim’s shoots, a head kick that floored Brimage in the second, and his knees in the clinch helped him score another incredible win.

The main event was a stunning challenge for Choi Mu-Gyeom’s second ROAD FC Featherweight defense against the perennial warhorse Marlon Sandro.  Choi used his evasive sniper style beautifully, keeping Sandro at bay just long enough to bait him into pushing the action.  Choi surprised the crowd with some very smart and aggressive domination in takedowns and ground control, while both he and Sandro traded some amazing and flashy flying knees, kicks and combinations throughout the course of the fight.  Choi’s ability to rock Sandro in the second and keep the fight in his control awarded him with a beautiful win, and the right to keep the ROAD FC Featherweight title one more time.

Stay tuned for ROAD FC 030 in Beijing on 16 April!



6th -65.5kg Featherweight Championship
Choi Mu-Gyeom defeats Marlon Sandro by decision 3:0

5th -61.5kg Bantamweight Match 
Kim Soo-Chul defeats Marcus Brimage by decision 3:0

4th Openweight Match 

Carlos Toyota defeats Shim Gun-Oh by TKO (Punch), Round 1, 0:17

3rd Bantamweight Match 

Kim Min-Woo defeats Moon Jea-Hoon by decision 3:0

2nd -46kg Catchweight Match 

Lee Ye-Ji defeats Shimomakise Natsuki by Armbar, Round 1, 4:19

1st -72kg Catchweight Match 

Sasaki Shinji defeats Park Won SIk by TKO (Punch), Round 1, 0:40

ROAD29 Sasaki def Park

ROAD29 Lee def Shimo

ROAD29 Kim def Brimage

ROAD29 Ki def Moon

ROAD29 Choi MuGyeom

ROAD29 Choi def Sandro



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