Xiaomi ROAD FC 046 results: Barnaoui and Zavurov advance to the $1 Million Tournament finals




March 10, 2018 – ROAD Fighting Championship announces the Official Results for Xiaomi ROAD FC 046 which took place on March 10, 2018 in the Jangchung Arena in Seoul, South Korea.

In the main event, the battle for the Contender to face Featherweight Champion Choi Mu-Gyeom, Lee Jeong-Yeong sealed the deal against Kim Se-Yeong in their second meeting. From the onset, Lee had Kim on the back foot with hard punches, one of which finally slammed him sprawling on his rear, and the ref had to pull Lee off to stop the bout in the first round.

Lee Jeong-Yeong earns the right to challenge for ROAD FC Featherweight Champion Choi Mu-Gyeom’s belt!

$1 Million Lightweight Tournament Semifinals

Mansour Barnaoui and Shimoishi Kota delivered a slick bout punctuated by highlight reel-worthy techniques from both fighters. Shimoishi powerfully grappled for single leg takedowns, and Barnaoui swept his way out of half guard. Clinch punching from both had the crowd roaring on their feet. In the final round, Barnaoui distinctively turned the tide with a front kick to the chin that had Shimoishi ducking and shooting for safety, but Barnaoui was able to latch onto his back, secure the body lock, and get the submission victory with a crushing back choke.

Shamil Zavurov and Ronys Torres showed a nail-biting, blistering speed performance between world-class fighters. They knew the grappling prowess of each other, so it turned out that much of the bout was a surprising striking war. Zavurov was able to utilize his jab with brutal efficiency, and chopped with kicks that constantly hammered Torres legs. After three rounds of superb strategy, Zavurov’s action blackened the scorecard for a Unanimous Decision victory.

Mansour Barnaoui and Shamil Zavurov have advanced in dominant fashion to the $1 Million Lightweight Tournament Final match!

Crying Fist vs Fearless Guys

Hong Young-Ki knew he could almost coast against Eom Tae-Woong, who was penalized 10 points per round for missing weight by 7kgs. However, rookie Eom proved very durable until Hong was finally able to get him to the canvas where he softened him up for a 6-seconds-to-the-bell armbar. Park Hyung-Geun and Moon Jin-Hyuk put on a barnburner through two rounds with uncountable punches, slapping kicks, and grinding cage work, and the scorecards came out with a 1-1-Draw. At openweight, Heo Jae-Hyeok was pummeled and slammed to the canvas by “Yakuza” Kim Jae-Hun, but when Kim went for an armbar, Heo escaped and reversed the position, knocking out Kim to the roar of a stunned crowd.

Xiaomi ROAD FC 046

Opening up Part 2 , Alatengheili waited out the long, hard kicks and punches of the rangy Jang Ik-Hwan to time an absolutely perfect right that dropped him back, stunned, to the canvas. There, Alateng jumped in and pounded out Jang for the first round TKO.

On Part 1, Hwang In-Su stayed undefeated with a fourth 1st round TKO by assaulting Kim Nae-Chul so relentlessly that the ref jumped in while he was still standing, at under a minute. Hwang sealed his status as THE welterweight rookie to watch.

Ma Anding and Hamada Junpei delivered a brutal openweight war for three rounds, with Ma’s punches landing in the early rounds, and relentless trips to end it.

Park Hae-Jin did his very best to put Cho Byeong-Oak on his back and finish him with a submission, and even after a yellow card for two low blows, he had done enough work and damage to earn the win.

Min Kyeong-Chul knew he was facing a tough striker in Huang Zhenyue so he went to the ground and scored a win by his points being dominant there.

In the opening fight of the night, La In-Jae ran a smart and effective plan against rookie Lim Dong-Hwan with shoots and position control to earn the Unanimous Decision.

New Wave MMA ROAD FC is the stage where legends shine, rookies thrill, and epic battles are waged that determine the future of MMA. From the pageantry of the grand entrance to the final crunch of the KO, ROAD FC showcases the very best of Mixed Martial Arts sports and entertainment. As we say in Korea, “Fighting!”

Xiaomi ROAD FC 046 Official Results

March 10, 2018

Jangchung Arena

Seoul, South Korea


Featherweight Contender Match

Lee Jeong-Yeong def Kim Se-Yeong by TKO, R1 3:30

$1 Million Tournament Semifinals Match

Mansour Barnaoui def Shimoishi Kota by Submission, RNC, R3 1:47

$1 Million Tournament Semifinals Match

Shamil Zavurov def Ronys Torres by Unanimous Decision

Catchweight -75kg Match

Hong Young-Ki def Eom Tae-Woong by Submission, R2 4:54

Bantamweight Match

Park Hyung-Geun vs Moon Jin-Hyuk ruled a Draw 1:1:D

Openweight Match

Heo Jae-Hyeok def Kim Jae-Hun by TKO, R1 4:20

Bantamweight Match

Alatengheili def Jang Ik-Hwan by TKO, R1 3:06


Middleweight Match

Hwang In-Su def Kim Nae-Chul by TKO, R1 0:50

Openweight Match

Ma Anding def Hamada Junpei by Unanimous Decision

Featherweight Match

Park Hae-Jin def Cho Byeong-Oak By Unanimous Decision

Lightweight Match

Min Kyeong-Chul def Huang Zhenyue by Unanimous Decision

Welterweight Match

La In-Jae def Lim Dong-Hwan by Unanimous Decision

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