Yorgan de Castro talks CES 50: “I’m coming to put on a show!”

Lincoln, R.I.– In advance of Yorgan de Castro’s return to the CES MMA cage at CES 50 on Friday in Lincoln, R.I., the fast-rising light-heavyweight prospect spent some time with FightBookMMA.

How did you find MMA in the first place?

I started with kickboxing in Portugal about six years ago. I came here and my uncle used to train and he brought me there in 2014 and I started to train in jiujitsu. In the beginning I didn’t really like it because I’m a striker and stuff. After six months they threw me in the cage and that was it. I got my first win. I love it.

How do you feel about what you’ve accomplished so far?

I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything, yet. I’ve been in this so long, training with the good guys. I did four years as an amateur and made a lot of mistakes – I missed weight, I didn’t train right, I didn’t prep myself right. I believe now is the right time. I’m in the right place. I’m with the right guys. I got the right people with me. Everything is coming. I can’t wait to take over. I believe I’m the most well-rounded light-heavyweight fighter around. I can’t wait.

What can fans expect next Friday?

An exciting fight. I’m coming to put on a show. I’m going to bring it.

Where would you like to be as a fighter in twelve months?

6-0 and ready for the call.


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