👊 King of the Cage (KOTC) Horizon Official Results And Recap

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (Sun, January 28, 2018)– King of the Cage returned to the Land of Enchantment with a 6 fight card at the beautiful Embassy Suites in downtown Albuquerque NM.

Starting off the night was a women’s 155lb lightweight bout featuring

Mandy Herrera vs Fit NHB newcomer Samantha Miller

Both Women began calm as Miller mixed things up to the body & head with Herrera looking for counters in a competitive back and forth fight. 

Rd 2 

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-Miller comes out looking to close the distance and push the pace with some heavy strikes early. 

-Samantha pushes Herrera against the fence and scores the first and only takedown of the fight. Miller gets the body triangle and locks in the  RNC forcing the tap at 2:47 

(2nd bout) 

155 lb lightweights

Chris Roybal vs Jose Gomez 

Both fighters immediately engage as Roybal quickly gains position and completes a power slam takedown into side control. Gomez unable to buck Roybal off as he is then mounted high defending strikes attempting to get his back to the cage. Roybal is raining down heavy ground and pound with a mix of elbows and hammer fists when the referee calls a stop to the action at 2:59 secs in the 1st Round.


Westside Power Gym’s Chase Emener vs Richard Jennings

155lb Lightweight 

This bout started fast and ended just as quickly with Jennings coming out firing strikes, Emener scoring a slick power take down early flatens Jennings out as his coaches and teammates cheer him on- locks up the RNC submission at :32 secs of the 1st round  


(*125lb Flyweights)

-Nathaniel Gomez vs Austin Lewis “Rematch” 

-This was the FOTN in my eyes as both fighters very familiar with one another coming out hard. Gomez landed some early Gnp as Lewis slipped  ends up on his back momentarily but fights off the position with a triangle attempt. Lewis ends up on top to end the round as he scores a late takedown of his own. 


-Austin Lewis comes out fast and lands a huge knee mid combination knocking Gomez into the fence followed by a barrage of strikes where he finishes Gomez 


(145lb Featherweight )


Juan Gandara vs Shawn Montoya FitNHB

-Both fighters exchange body shots and leg kicks early with Montoya landing some nice leg kicks looking to counter. Gandara strong in the clinch though is able to keep Montoya against the fence for most of the 1st negating Montoya’s striking 

2nd rd

-Gandara began the 2nd round looking to take control once again in which he’s able to smother Montoya making him work off of his back. 

3rd rd 

-Montoya able to land some punches late but not finding a ton of success as Gandara continued to press him where this fight ended up back on the ground with Gandara on top to end the only decision of the night.

Main Event 

155lb Lightweight 

Sherwin “The Genius” Price vs Issac “London” Barnes *Rematch

-Barnes very fired up as usual takes to center throwing front kicks looking to land a killshot early. 

Price moving well is able to score a quick takedown and take the back momentarily. Barnes scrambles to a dominant position as they hit the mat lands some GNP but is then suddenly pulled off of his opponent and deducted a point for unsportsmanlike conduct due to foul language.

*Action resumes as referee Robert Romero advises Barnes to calm down.

-Price lands some spinning attacks with Barnes waving him in to bring more. Price completes his second takedown where he then jumps on the back of Barnes as he exploded out of the position. Sherwin price locks in the RNC finish similar to their first meeting this past summer.

{Samantha Miller def. Mandy Herrera by submission (rear naked choke) 2:47 R2}

{Chris Roybal def. Jose Gomez by TKO (Punches) 2:59 R1}

{Chase Emener def. Richard Jebnings by Submission (RNC) 0:32 R1}

{Juan Gandara def. Shawn Montoya by (30-27, 29-28 x2) UD}

{Austin Lewis def. Nathaniel Gomez by TKO Knee (Strikes) 0:09 Rd 2}


{155: Sherwin Price def. Isaac Barnes by submission (rear naked choke) 2:49 R1}

KOTC Horizon 1/27/17


David Rodriguez  @DavesMmaBrief 

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