14 fights set for Yogibo presents RIZIN.27 at Nagoya Gaishi Hall

NAGOYA – March 19th, all but 1 fighter made weight for RIZIN’s first event of 2021. The RIZIN Super Atomweight Championship is on the line in the main event, as defending champion Ayaka Hamasaki and challenger Kanna Asakura both make weight. The international stream will be through LiveNow (https://www.live-now.com/en-int/page/rizin-27).

Ayaka Hamasaki (48.75kg) “I think Asakura has grown since we last fought, but so have I, which means nothing will change in tomorrow’s fight. I think she’s a bit agitated because of my comments and she’s going to bring it so I expect a fun fight. I feel obligated to put on a fun fight and finish as the main event fighter, and as the Champion”
Kanna Asakura (48.65kg) “I think she’s going to want to come and submit me early, but that’s not going to happen. I have evolved very much in the past 2 years, and if she takes me lightly, she will be in for a surprise. I am the main event so I want to put on a fight that will make people happy.” 49kg RIZIN Super Atomweight Championship (Elbows allowed)

Satoshi Souza (70.75kg) “I don’t care if my opponent has experience all over the world. I want to prove that RIZIN has the best fighters. Wherever they come from, RIZIN fighters will win. I will keep winning to prove that, and by winning the belt I can show everybody”
Kazuki Tokudome (70.95kg) “I’m not too worried about his ground. I know my capabilities and I am confident that I can hang with the best. I will see what I want to do once I feel him out” 71kg RIZIN MMA Rules

Koji Takeda (70.80kg) “My opponent is well rounded and he’s a tough veteran. I haven’t performed at my best in my
previous RIZIN fights. I know performance is key for this fight and I plan to show everything I’ve got.”
Takasuke Kume (71.00kg) “I’m here to face the best, and Takeda is a very good fighter. He’s the current Champion so he’s definitely a worthy opponent. RIZIN’s lightweight division has grown and there are many other tough fighters I want to face, so I am very motivated on making my last run here in RIZIN ” 71kg RIZIN MMA Rules (Elbows allowed)

Kleber Koike (65.85kg) “My opponent is very tough, but I’m not worried at all. I’m confident that I can finish everybody who RIZIN put in front of me. My goal is to enter that GP and win the tournament and nobody can stop me. “
Kazumasa Majima (66.00kg) “In my last fight I still wasn’t used to the unique rulesets and I caught a soccerball kick with a careless mistake. I’ve worked on that and I am fully prepared for these RIZIN rulesets” 66kg RIZIN MMA Rules (Elbows allowed)

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Sudario (115.40kg) “I really want to show what I’ve been working on but I’m not sure if this opponent will let me show what I can really do. I hope he can push me to the edge.”
Kazushi Miyamoto (112.35kg) “I will fight to give hope to the people who still suffer from the tsunami that happened 10 years ago. I came from a town that was close to the nuclear plant and I want those people to not give up on life. My challenge is their challenge. After the fight, I want to recruit Sudario to pro wrestling” 120kg RIZIN MMA Rules (Elbows allowed)

Taiga (61.00kg) “I am supposed to win this fight so there’s nothing but risk on my end and I do feel the pressure. Losing to this last minute replacement is not an option for me. I will have to go in there and finish the fight”
Kanta Motoyama (60.95kg) “I was given this opportunity last minute, and TAIGA has been my long time idol. I’m honored to be fighting him but as long as I’m fighting him I will go in there to win. TAIGA tweeted to me to “bring it” so I’m very motivated to see what I can do against such a big name” 61kg RIZIN Kickboxing Rules

Tetsuya Seki (65.95kg) “My first fight in RIZIN, I was a bit nervous because of the big stage, but now my first time jitters are gone and I’m ready to put on an exciting performance. I know my opponent is a striker and I think this will be a fun fight. It doesn’t need to look pretty, but I want to be the last man standing”
Yoshinori Horie (66.00kg) “My Opponent is tall and lanky but I’m not too worried. I know I have the power to knock him out. He’s durable and has got tons of heart, but I plan to finish him” 66kg RIZIN MMA Rules (Elbows allowed)

Kazuma Sone (60.95kg) “I am better than my opponent at every aspect and I will dominate in the fight. My eyes are set on the GP, and I want to earn that spot with a convincing performance.”
Hiroki “Shian” Yamashita (60.85kg) “I don’t think Sone will want to stand and strike with me. He’s talking like he’s the man, but he’s going to shoot in and try to hug me. People don’t know me now but after this fight they will remember my name” 61kg RIZIN MMA Rules (Elbows allowed)

Shooto Watanabe (60.55kg) “I think Tamaru is strong as a specimen. He’s crafty, he’s technical and original. I think this fight will be a fun fight with many scrambles but I plan to win all of them “
Takumi Tamaru (61.00kg) “I look to work my way up the rankings in RIZIN. I want to fight the toughest guys in the division. Horiguchi, Asakura, the big 4, I’m down for anybody. I just want to fight and show my ability” 61kg RIZIN MMA Rules (Elbows allowed)

Yutaro Muramoto (56.95kg) “My opponent is a very good striker but I am much more well rounded. I have the stamina to wear him out and I am going to finish him late in the fight. Look out for the speed of the fastest division in RIZIN”
Seigo Yamamoto (56.60kg) “I’m very excited to be fighting for RIZIN. I’m currently contracted with ROAD FC and I would like to proudly represent them and South Korea” 57kg RIZIN MMA Rules (Elbows allowed)

Syuto Sato (53.00kg) “My motto is to put on a fight that the fans want to see. Win or lose I want to be the fighter that is
requested by the fans. My fights are at a lightweight class, but we will show that we can scrap too”
Masayoshi Kunimoto (52.85kg) “My opponent is very crafty and unorthodox but I will keep calm, put the pressure on him and win the fight. RIZIN happening in my home town and me participating is a huge deal for me so I will do what it takes to not let everybody down” 53kg RIZIN Kickboxing Rules

Riki Sakurai (65.95 ) “I’m a professional brawler and my opponent is a MMA fighter making his kickboxing debut, I
would like to make sure he would never want to kickbox again.”

Riku Yoshida (63.70kg) “I have a solid karate background and I have many variations of kicks so I will kick the crap
out of my opponent” 64kg RIZIN Kickboxing Rules

* The fight will begin with Sakurai given a red card at the beginning (-2 points) and if Sakurai wins the bout will be determined a no contest. If Yoshida wins the fight will be official*

Ryota Naito (54.90kg) “My opponent has a muay thai style but I will put the pressure on him and dominate in every
aspect” “Ever since our younger brother fought in RIZIN, I was determined to step in this ring”
HIROKI (54.90kg) “I know people don’t know much about me but I will fight my heart out and show that us
Okinawans can fight, and should be given more opportunities” 55kg RIZIN Kickboxing Rules

Kohei Sugiyama (56.85kg) “My opponent is an Outsider Champion and I’ve made my career in Pancrase. I need to show that the level of competition is totally different. He’s a striker but I will dominate him in every aspect of the game. I have a huge crowd rooting for me and this will be the loudest fight of the night, which is the first fight of the night.”
Yuki Ito (56.50kg) “I’m excited to kick off RIZIN’s 2021. I know that the first fight of the event is very special and I
appreciate RIZIN giving me such an opportunity. This is a fight in my hometown and I am motivated more than ever.”
57kg RIZIN MMA Rules (Elbows allowed)


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