3 Most Educated MMA Fighters

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Many students think that martial arts is an excellent career plan for the future. However, you need to understand that when you connect your life with any sport there is a threat of injury and if there is no reserve education, you can get into a very difficult, primarily financial, situation. Of course, if you are preparing to become an MMA fighter, then you do not have time to write various academic works, in which case you should ask for help in the writing service WriteMyEssayOnline and continue your training. But, so that you do not forget about getting higher education in reaching your heights in MMA, we have compiled for you a list of the best MMA fighters with higher education.

  1. Forrest Griffin

Forrest Griffin is a great example of a fighter who has failed to realize that he is at a turning point in his fighting career. So it was with him in 2004, when he was on the verge of abandoning his beloved work in favor of ordinary work. By that moment he had a good record 9-2, but in the past, he had already tried to make a living from this sport and nothing came of it, so at that time he worked as a policeman and was thinking about how to completely engage with fights.

Griffin then found out about a completely new UFC reality show called “The Ultimate Fighter” and decided to apply for participation, which was approved. Griffin resigned from the police, but on the way to Las Vegas, where the shooting took place, he suddenly began to have serious doubts at the airport about his decision, and he did not board his plane, but instead called his former boss and asked if it was too late whether to call back his statement of resignation. However, Griffin, one way or another decided to go to this show.

That was the best decision in his life. He won the very first TUF season and later became the UFC light heavyweight champion. Over the years spent at the UFC, a member of the Promotion Hall of Fame has earned enough money to never work again.

Yes, his example says “quit your job and follow your dream,” however, if he had been injured or if it did not succeed, he could still continue to work in the police.

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  1. Chuck Liddell

Despite a university degree with a degree in accounting, Liddell decided to try and pursue a career in kickboxing. He soon realized that there was no money at all in this sport, and his worried grandmother began to put pressure on him to use his diploma instead of fighting. And the future member of the UFC Hall of Fame decided to go and look for a normal job.

In 2014, Liddell, answering questions from fans, described how he “almost hung up” when he was offered a fight in accordance with MMA rules during an unexpected phone call. He agreed, and the rest is history – a story written by Chuck Liddell, who managed to become the UFC light heavyweight champion and one of the most popular mixed martial arts fighters in the world.

He is also an example of a successful choice of MMA, but if it went like kickboxing, he could leave it and work in some company with documents and earn a living.

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  1. Stipe Miocic

The UFC heavyweight belt did not actually change the life of an American of Croatian descent. Miocic did not leave his service and continue to be a firefighter of one of the Ohio brigades. The champion has been trying to be useful to society for almost 7-8 years and combines two fairly risky professions. After such descriptions, you can imagine a real superhero, every day carrying dozens of people on himself from burning houses, but in fact, everything is more prosaic. Stipe spends most of his time at the fire station and may not always be engaged in noble deeds. He is an ideal example of how to combine MMA and ordinary work.

“I like being a fireman and helping people. I’m not going to change. I’m a champion, but I want to be a fireman,” said the new titleholder after one of the fights.

He also said, “I have wonderful partners and excellent leadership. They helped me a lot. There is nothing better than helping people. It’s like a brotherhood, my partners are amazing people. They look at me like a brother and look after me. I treat them the same way. I can’t dream of more.”

Sum up

In mixed martial arts, the path to fame and fortune is often difficult. Injuries and lack of money in regional promotions often force the fighter to leave the sport without ever reaching the top. Such a fate can befall anyone, even a very gifted athlete. That is why it is worth securing yourself and get higher education in a field that is not related to MMA, this will give you the opportunity to be confident in the future and as you can see there are many examples of MMA fighters with higher education so you will not be a black sheep.


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