3 Top Supplements For MMA Fighters

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Former mixed martial arts (MMA) champion B.J. Penn once said, “It’s not a certain technique, it’s not a skill, it’s all in your mind, it’s how far you want to go.” But although a strong mindset is vital in MMA fighting, there is no denying that it is also one of the most brutal physical sports in existence. Due to the immense pressure your body is put under, following a healthy diet is often not enough to sustain your energy levels and reduce your risk of serious injury. Thankfully, there is a wide range of quality supplements available on the market that can boost your overall performance significantly.

Whey protein is always a winner

Due to the intensity of MMA training, fighters tend to burn through the pre-workout carb loads long before the end of a session. Although there is a general misconception that MMA and protein supplements do not mix well, a protein deficiency can lead to a significant loss of lean muscle. This will not only make you more prone to injury; it will also have a direct effect on your strength and overall performance. Whey is one of the best sources of high-quality protein available on the market at present. Not only does it promote muscle growth, but it may also help reduce inflammation while enhancing the antioxidant defenses of the body. Whey protein is also ideal for fighters who may want to lose some weight prior to a fight. Although some individuals may experience an adverse effect when consuming whey, it is generally well-tolerated by most users.

Creatine boosts performance and recovery

Some of the benefits of sermorelin include improved muscle strength and joint health, as well as boosted physical performance, both during training and fights. Due to the legal restrictions on HGH supplementation in MMA, many fighters, however, opt to make use of other recovery supplements. Creatine is particularly popular among fighters and is known to boost both performance and recovery significantly. Made up of three amino acids, creatine is particularly useful in the 6 to 8-week build-up fighters embark on prior to a big fight. Apart from the tell-tale physical benefits, careful creatine supplementation can also boost brainpower. It has, in fact, been found that creatine may offer protection to the brain while boosting cognitive functioning.

Glutamine helps you get the most out of your training

Glutamine is one of the most prevalent amino acids in the amino pool and has a substantial impact on post-workout recovery and the body’s immune system. When you train hard, the glutamine levels in your muscle tissue are depleted swiftly, slowing down recovery and weakening your immune system. Complementing a healthy diet with a quality glutamine supplement can have an astounding effect on your recovery. As glutamine plays a prominent role in protein synthesis, supplementation can reduce the breakdown of muscle tissue while significantly increasing the value of your workouts and competitive fights.

MMA is extremely taxing on the body. Luckily, careful supplementation not only has the potential to boost performance, but reduces the risk of injury as well.


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