4 Ways To Help Your Child Stay Active

Young people don’t seem to be as active today as they once were. In fact, childhood obesity is a real issue in the United States. Whether this is due to access to the internet, video games or your child is just a bookworm, it’s important for children to get out and get a variety of different types of exercise. If you’re struggling to transform your small couch potato into an eager athlete, here are 4 tips that may help you get him or her motivated. 

1. Join Them

You can’t just decide one day that your child is going to be active and then demand that they go out and play sports. It doesn’t work that way, and nor should it. What would help is if you were a part of the whole let’s-get-physical equation, and how you do that is you grab a pair of baseball gloves and say, “Let’s go play catch.” 

Your child may look at you quizzically, as this is brand new territory you are both about to venture into, and he or she may even give a bit of obligatory resistance because that’s what children do. But the reality is, your child is thrilled to be having this one on one time with you.

It doesn’t have to be baseball. There are a variety of ways you can get active with your child. If you both enjoy watching MMA together, invest in a punching bag you can hang from the ceiling and practice sparring with one another. Working out in MMA style is intense and a sure way to improve your physical health. 

2. Start Early

If your child is still in elementary school, you can start healthy habits early. Getting them into tee-ball, soccer, or basketball not only keeps them active, but it teaches them life lessons on being a part of a team and working together for common goals. 

You can help your child stay interested in sports in many ways, including

  • inviting grandparents to games
  • hosting after game gatherings for the team
  • discussing the game afterward and reinforcing what they did well
  • practicing with them at home
  • watching professional sports together

It’s important to never make being a part of a team a negative experience for them. Resist the urge to chastise them on the field or bargain for treats for a game played well. Allowing them to be a child enjoying themselves on the field is enough.

3. Eating Well

Preparing a well-balanced meal for your child on a regular basis is essential to their health. If they aren’t getting the proper nutrients, their body will struggle on their cellular level. This could lead to a variety of issues including failure to thrive or unhealthy weight gain. 

Food provides energy, and children need lots of energy. If your child is refusing to join activities because he or she is tired all the time, their diet may be the first place to look. 

Some things you can do to help your child eat properly include avoiding fast food or dining out too often. Fast foods are made to be convenient, not healthy, while restaurants are known for serving portions that are out of proportion for your stomach. 

4. Take Day Trips

Your child doesn’t have to play sports to stay healthy so long as you’re finding other avenues for fitness. One way to achieve this is by regularly taking short hiking trips. If your family enjoys nature, there are plenty of nature reserves in your community and communities nearby to keep you busy exploring for years. This could lead to a lifetime of traveling to other areas to hike, and what a reward to pass on to your child. 

Keeping your child motivated and energized takes effort. If you let children do whatever they want, they’re going to choose the cool digital stuff. As much fun as video games might be, they aren’t doing anything for your child’s physical health. You know your child better than anyone. Whether they need you to help them develop an interest in sports, or they might like a bit of adventure, make the effort to get your child moving. 


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