5 Best Online Resources for Learning Muay Thai

If you are looking to learn Muay Thai, there are many courses and resources online so you can easily learn from home. There are some free resources available online or through YouTube, but the paid subscriptions can be worth the price, as they are much higher quality and mostly great value.

Muay Thai Basics from Christoph Delp

Price: £19.99

With this course, you can learn Thai boxing fighting techniques, as well as skills from kickboxing, self-defense, and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Throughout this course, Delp will teach you fighting stance and footwork, combinations of Muay Thai fighting techniques, and specific martial arts moves and techniques, including fists, elbows, knees, and kicking.

The course includes 2 and a half hours of on-demand videos, a 30-day money-back guarantee, 12 informational articles, full-time access, easy mobile, and TV access, and a certification of completion when you finish the course.

Morgan Greenwood, a sports writer at Study demic and Eliteassignmenthelp, explains: “More courses from Delp include ‘Muay Thai Training and Techniques Intensives’, ‘Muay Thai Defense and Counter Techniques’ and ‘Muay Thai: Intensive Training’.”

Christoph Delp is also the author of Muay Thai, Self-Defense, and fitness books: ‘Muay Thai Counter Techniques’, ‘Muay Thai Training Exercises’, ‘Muay Thai Basics’. Delp is a Muay Thai teacher, Martial Arts, and fitness coach, a published author and producer of a Muay Thai DVD series. Christoph has 10 World and Thai Champions. He has been a Muay Thai trainer since 1995 and owns a Muay Thai gym in Thailand.

Bang Muay Thai (BMT)

Price: $24.99 (per month)

The Bang Muay Thai system is a unique training program developed by Duane Ludwig, with its base in a range of styles, including Dutch and Japanese kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and Bas Ruttens striking style. This program uses belt rankings and related testing – the curriculum for this training course is structured for weekly lessons, lasting about 2 and a half years. They start with the basics and build from there, so the course is suitable for beginners and those with a little more experience.

This course is not focused on traditional Muay Thai techniques nor the traditional culture surrounding its origins – so if you are looking for a more classic approach this is not the course for you.

Duke Roufus Online Striking University (DRSU)

Price: $17 (per month)

The Roufus family is actually well-known and highly-respected in the United States martial arts world. Duke Roufus has 40 years of fighting experience and was even a world champion kickboxer. Duke has coached some of the best high-level strikers in the UFC and he is now sharing his expertise with this training course. He uses testing and belt rankings and bases his content on traditional Muay Thai techniques and culture. This is a good course for beginners as well as offering richer more advanced content.

Evolve Univeristy

Price: $9.95 (per month)

Evolve University is an online MMA training course based out of Singapore. This course has been used by many successful trainers and fighters alike, including a few world champions. This resource offers a range of styles including traditional Muay Thai, MMA, boxing, wrestling, submission grappling, and BJJ. For Muay Thai training, in particular, Evolve University has an incredible group of trainers who teach the courses and is perfect no matter what level you are working from.

Nak Muay Nation

Price: $39 (per month)

Nak Muay Nation is a successful and hugely popular online community, including free YouTube video content including Muay Thai videos in addition to their official paid course. The paid course offers a vast archive of instructional videos, e-books, and plenty of other resources for learning Muay Thai. Max Anderson, a lifestyle blogger at Academ advisor and UK Top Writers, says: “It offers a huge range of information and training resources and is suitable for a range of skill levels.”

These are just some of the best paid online courses you can find for learning Muay Thai from home, and there are plenty more subscription training courses and free online resources available – so try them out to work out what suits you best.

Molly Crockett is a successful marketing writer for Bigassignments and Oxessays, where she shares her unique lifestyle tips and personal development advice with her audience. She also writes for Topcanadianwriters.


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