5 Exercises that You Can Do At Home to Improve Your Health

Exercising is a great way to improve health. But, finding the right exercises can be difficult, but not impossible. Living a healthy life doesn’t only constitute eating right. You should also exercise often. So, how can your health be improved using exercise?

There are at least five exercises that you can do anywhere and anytime to improve your health. The majority of the workout suggestions in this article will take you only a few minutes to complete. Then you’ll still have time to play a game on a site like Book of Ra.

So, what are these exercises?

5 Exercises That Will Improve Your Health

1. Kegels

These are workouts that strengthen your pelvic floor and improve health in general. In addition, it directly affects your insides, making it an excellent exercise to improve your gut health. Another benefit is a significant improvement of orgasm for both genders.

Women can get droopy pelvic organs as they age, or because of genetics, pregnancy, C-section, or hysterectomy. Kegels helps counteract these effects.

Kegels are also very beneficial for men. It strengthens their pelvic muscles and helps improve bladder support, and significantly enhances sexual performance.


Doing Kegels exercise is easy, and it can easily be integrated into your daily life. The practice can help to improve health in general, and it involves:

  • Squeezing and holding your pelvic muscle
  • Holding it for 2 to 4 seconds
  • Resting for the same amount of time

Do these repetitions at least ten times a set and do this at least three times a day. You can do Kegels discretely in any location, at any time.

2. Plank

The plank exercise is classically used to strengthen the rectus abdomen and the core muscles of the spine and shoulders.

Strengthening the core is very vital for the exercise programs that you are planning to undertake. It aids to improve health to stabilize and give the body balance. It also gives your body the necessary power to carry out activities during the day.

Plank is purely a core muscle strengthening exercise and not a cardio exercise, but you will still burn calories in the process.


To do a plank exercise, all you need is to be in a plank position:

  • Place your forearms and your toes on the floor and raise your body.
  • Try as much to put the rest of your body straight and face down.
  • Do this for 20 seconds, and you will work your way up to 1 minute. To get results, at least do it twice a day.

3. Pushups

You have probably done pushups or at least tried to. It’s an excellent exercise to strengthen your upper body.

Pushups involve several muscles, including chests, abs, triceps, biceps, backs, and legs, when done correctly.


There are several variations of pushups depending on your level of experience, but it doesn’t have to be complicated for you to reap the results.

  • The simplest way to do a pushup involves raising your body by laying on your arms and toes. Your body should be as straight as possible and avoid arching.
  • You then slowly lower your body to the floor and raise it back up.

4. Squats

A squat is a muscle training drill that involves your upper and lower physique working together. These muscles allow you to do daily activities such as bending, lifting heavy goods, running, or jumping.

Integrating squats into your exercises will enhance your workout execution, reduce your probability of trauma and build your agility. Also, it makes it effortless for you to move without any tissue tension. 

Other benefirts include burning calories and stimulating your body’s muscle growth. It also improves gut health.


  • Stand upright with your feet apart to perform a basic squat. Next, shift your weight onto your heels and sit up, keeping your thighs parallel to the floor.
  • Finally, return to your original starting position.
  • Do this slowly and pause for a few seconds when your thighs are parallel with the ground. Repeat the process 5 to 10 times, then reset by doing another set of the same.
  • Do as much set as you can to push your body to its limits. You can add some variations to this, like lifting weights while performing squats.

5. Jumping

This is a type of exercise known as polymeric or jumps training that will improve the health and fitness of your body. This anaerobic exercise works out your heart and lung muscle.

Jumping is highly beneficial to your health despite its simplicity. The benefits include:

  • Reduction blood pressure;
  • Balancing of the heart rate;
  • Preventing the risk of heart attacks;
  • Regulating cholesterol levels in the body.


This is how you perform jumping to improve health and wellness:

  • Stand straight with your legs and your arms straight to the side.
  • Next, jump and spread your feet, raise your arm above your head, and finally jump back to your original position.
  • You can add variations and add other exercises between the jumps.

Take Away

All the exercises mentioned above have a significant improvement on your overall health. Although one may ask why you need to improve health outcomes, the answer is simple: to lead a better life!

These activities don’t require equipment and can be carried out in a small space, even in-between shifts. However, for better results, consistency and performing the exercises the right way are critical.

Which is your favorite exercise? Let’s know in the comments section below.

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