5 Major Differences Between Online Slot Machines and Regular Slot Machines

This Feb. 10, 2020 photo shows slot machines in a secure room at the Hard Rock casino in Atlantic City N.J. that have been connected to the internet as part of a new product offering. The technology lets people use the internet to gamble on real-life slot machines that are inside the casino. (AP Photo/Wayne Parry)

Online slot machines have exploded in popularity lately, and it’s hard to understand what took them so long to be accepted by the mainstream gaming public. They have so many advantages over land-based options, and everyone who’s a fan of traditional slots should try them at least once. They are significantly different from your average slots, however, and you may need to adapt to these differences before getting started. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest differences between online slot machines and regular ones.

The Pace

One of the first things you will have to prepare for when playing slots online is the much faster pace of play. Hands tend to go faster on online slots, so you may need to change your speed and style of play accordingly. Maybe you could consider spending less per wager, or mindfully slowing down your play. This will allow you to not blow through your bankroll in a few minutes, and you’ll get to enjoy yourself instead.

The Transparency

One of the things you will love about online slot machines and casinos, in general, is how transparent they are. If you want to know your chances of winning with a particular online slot, you can find the RTP ratio for that machine online in a few seconds.

RTP is short for return-to-player and is the hypothetical amount of money that is returned to players versus what is kept by the casino. A game with an RTP of 97%, for instance, will hypothetically give players back R97 on every R100 they wager.

Good online casinos will also go above and beyond to show that their games are fair by auditing their games and making the findings public. They do that because they know some of the stigma surrounding online casino games, and want to show a good face. This is why you can often trust online slots more than the slots at your average casino.

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The Selection

Another difference between online slots and traditional slots that you’ll notice is the massive selection of games available. There are tons of different studios competing to create the best online slots ever and new slots are being released constantly. Not only that, but it’s not unusual for online casinos to have hundreds of titles – not machines – in their selection.

Developing online slots is much easier than creating physical ones and online casinos don’t have the same space limitations as brick-and-mortar ones. This means that you’ll have a hard time finding a traditional casino that can beat the selection of a good online casino.

Finding good casinos with a great selection can sometimes be tough, however, so we suggest you check out online casino site reviews to see which ones are worth your time. Sites like Online Casino Reviews test online gambling sites and find the best ones whether you like to play slots, bet, or play traditional table games. They review slot games and show which sites have the best selection of online slots to facilitate your search.

The Action

Another thing you will notice about online slots is how much more fun they can be when compared with traditional slots. It’s not uncommon for online slots to have traditional gaming levels where you’re taken into a whole other world and get to engage in games of skill. Some companies also specialise in creating games with high-end graphics and an immersive atmosphere and soundtrack.

You can get lost in an online slot’s universe pretty quickly and forget that you’re playing a game of chance. Land-based slots, on the other hand, have had a lot of trouble keeping up due to all the hurdles of developing traditional machines. You’ll have a hard time finding games as exciting as what you’ll find online at your local casino.

Convenience and Proximity

Convenience and ease of access are the two biggest differences between online slots and traditional slots. There’s nothing that beats being able to play your favourite slot game in your pyjamas at 3 in the morning while watching your favourite show on Netflix.

With that being said, online slots also demand a lot of discipline. So, you might want to have a clear gaming schedule so you can keep things under control. You should also have a set budget for online gaming each week and stick to it.

If you need help setting a budget, we suggest you have your gambling money taken out of your pay check and deposit it in a dedicated account automatically. Ideally, this shouldn’t amount to more than 10% of your weekly gross income.

These are just some of the differences between online slots and traditional slots. They have many advantages, but you may have to change your gaming style and habits a little bit to make up for some of their drawbacks.

(Photo Credit: Wayne Parry/ AP Photo)


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