5 Questions with CES 59’s William Knight: “I’m Not Like Other Fighters!”

Undefeated William Knight steps back into the CES cage at CES 59 on Oct. 25 in Lincoln, R.I., LIVE on UFC Fight Pass. Hot on the heels of a nasty win on Dana White’s Contender Series in Las Vegas, the dynamic fighter is hungry to punch his ticket to the UFC against Marvin Skipper. Before that, he spoke with FightBook MMA.

How has training camp been going for this fight?

That’s an interesting question because I don’t really have camps, I’m just always training. I’m not like other fighters.

How do you know when you’re getting better?

When I out-perform my last performance, whether that’s in the cage on fight night or in the ring with my coach. The hardest person to spar is the person who taught you everything.

How excited is it to see your progression?

That’s pretty exciting. It reminds me of my high school days. When I first started wrestling, I lost every match. Every year I’d get better and better until I was the champion in my senior year.

Are you at all surprised by the success you’ve found in MMA?

It’s not a surprise; history just repeats itself in a different manner. Growing up, I always found a way to overcome things and achieve, so it’s not a surprise. But, at the same time, it’s rewarding.

What are your goals as a fighter?

My goal is to help set a platform for local talent. My state has a lot to offer, but often it’s just the negative stuff that gets brought up and not the local talent, like Nick Newell, Matt Bessette, Justin Sumter, and the list truly goes on. But we’re clouded because of the negativity. I want to change that.


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