5 Reasons To Learn Karate For Women

One of the best things about the 21st century is, probably, that more and more people stop dividing different activities by labeling them ‘these are for men’, ‘these tasks are for women’. Today, no one will frown upon a woman who wants to start learning martial arts.

Unlike in the previous century, at least at the beginning, modern people’s reaction is often to show a thumbs-up signal. Martial arts for women have many benefits. Some of them would surprise you, others would be logical. Probably the best choice would be to choose karate for the sole core of this type of martial art.

If you are currently trying to decide whether to start learning karate, you should read this article about the 5 reasons why it’s actually a good idea. Even if you have a young daughter who wants to learn karate, but you are still debating whether to fall for this idea, this article might help you make up your mind.


You are hardly surprised to find this reason on the list. The very idea of karate, which is Japanese martial art, is to learn how to react to the attacking movements of the opponent by defending and counter-attacking.

The whole idea of karate is to defend yourself against the aggressor, which is why it’s so good to learn if you are a woman and want to make sure no one can take advantage of your so-called physical weakness.

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Not surprisingly, many Japanese women choose this kind of martial art to learn how to defend themselves. And you could choose it too. But here’s the thing, it’s extremely important to keep learning if you start. Karate can greatly boost your confidence, which is great. You will be ready to defend yourself.

But constant practicing will help you master your skills. It will be very helpful in case you find yourself in an extreme situation that will need fast decisions. So, if your goal is strictly self-defense, you should keep practicing. Constant practicing actually has at least two more advantages mentioned below.

Build Shape

Any woman wants to look amazing and attractive and to be healthy. This is why many doctors recommend working out. Instead of getting a gym subscription, you can get a 2-in-1 deal: learn how to defend yourself against the aggressors, and get into shape by not damaging your health.

Weight loss is one of the most desirable things for men and women. But it’s essential to lose weight properly. Starving yourself won’t work in the long run – even if you lose weight, you will get it back when you return to previous habits. The best way to lose weight and to stay perfectly healthy is to lead an overall healthy lifestyle.

You can allow yourself to eat junk food once in a while if you really love it. It won’t do anything bad if you are moderate and keep an overall healthy diet, full of nutrients, ‘slow’ carbons, and useful fats. And of course, if you combine a healthy diet with learning karate, you will see some amazing results.

Making Friends

People nowadays love to talk about increasing the social circle. It has a lot of advantages since you meet amazing people and have fun. When you start learning karate, you meet new amazing people who can become your friends.

Bear this fact in mind even if you aren’t the one who wants to start learning karate. If you have a daughter who is pretty active and has a lot of energy, who is also eager to learn martial arts, you might as well let her learn karate. She will meet new friends and will properly use her energy – which leads to healthy growth.

Building Confidence

When you start learning karate, you feel more confident for several reasons:

  • You get the realization that in an emergency you get more chances to defend yourself. You will have two significant advantages. First, you are confident that you can kick ass, and second, the potential aggressor doesn’t know that. You can surprise the attacker by defending yourself while giving yourself time to find a safe place or ask for more help.
  • Learning things always gives you the realization that you can accomplish good results. It works whether you learn karate, a new language, how to cook, etc. You know that you can and will learn new things, moreover, you can successfully use your newly acquired knowledge to your advantage. How can’t it possibly not boost your confidence?!
  • You get back into shape, and that alone greatly boosts confidence. It works both for men and women. We would all lie if we say that we don’t care how we look. When you see your body getting all those nice muscles, it makes you happy. Moreover, all your body parts work properly. As a result, you feel like you are about to take off and learn how to fly. That’s how good it feels when your body is strong and healthy!

Boosts Mental Toughness

Learning martial arts is no joke. It is a tough process that requires a ton of stubbornness. You will fall a lot, but you will learn how to get up and keep going. That’s a great quality overall in life. And if you feel like you need it, join karate classes.

Final Thoughts

To be fair, if you are reading this article, you probably don’t need any reasons to learn karate. You are already curious and have the desire to start learning, so why not give it a try? Learning karate has extremely many benefits for men and women. It’s the kind of martial art that doesn’t teach you to be aggressive. On the contrary, it teaches how to be strong.

Learning karate is a never-ending process. When you learn all the moves, how to block your opponent and start counterattacks, you will need to keep improving your skills. But that’s exactly why karate is so good. It teaches how to keep going no matter what.


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