6 Reasons to Consider Taking a Pre-Workout Protein

When you’re trying to establish a new workout routine or attempting to keep an old one going strong, you know that tiredness and sluggishness can be an hindrance to your goals. While a pair of new sneakers or workout gear can definitely help you stay motivated and keeping your hydration levels up can help with fatigue, research suggests that the best way to achieve your optimal workout is by consuming supplements about 30 minutes prior to beginning exercise. Here are six reasons you should consider taking a pre-workout protein before your next workout and every one after that:

1. Increased Energy

One of the top reasons to consider a protein supplement is for increased energy. While consuming protein after a workout can help you build muscle, taking protein before your workout is best for improving energy levels. For the best pre workout supplement, look for the right balance of ingredients, including a natural source of caffeine that will give you an ideal boost without causing a jittery feeling or restlessness. You’ll have a sustainable level of energy for your workout and beyond that no sugary, caffeinated drink can match.

2. Better Focus

If you ever spend your workout bouncing around from machine to machine and feeling like you lack focus, a pre-workout protein can help with that, too. You’ll find you’re more able to stay focused on the task at hand, meaning that you’ll walk away from your workouts feeling like you accomplished every last burpee, set, and sprint that you set out to do. This sense of focus will stay with you beyond your time in the gym, and you’ll find yourself better able to concentrate on tasks at work or home.

3. Longer Workouts

Sometimes we’re all tempted to throw in the towel before we get to the end of our planned workout, but this can often mean we fail to achieve our most important goals for strength, weight loss, or overall health. By consuming a pre-workout protein, you’ll find you have the energy and drive to not only finish your planned workout, but to add in extra sets or even to work another muscle group. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is clearing your schedule for the increased time you’ll want to spend at the gym!

4. More Fat Burning

One of the most important goals for many athletes is to burn fat so they can build lean muscle and look their best. Research suggests that a pre-workout protein can help you achieve these goals quickly by increasing your metabolism, curbing cravings, and regulating hormones that help with weight loss. When you combine a pre-workout protein with a low-carb diet, you’ll be amazed at the results. You’ll finally look forward with eagerness to swimsuit season, or even to trying on that pair of jeans you’ve been hoping to squeeze back into for years.

5. Faster Recovery

Perhaps one of the strongest reasons to consider a pre-workout protein supplement is that you can reduce the time it takes to recover from your workouts. Everyone dreads the sore muscles and tiredness that can come when you’re getting back in shape or increasing the intensity of your regiment, but a supplement will lessen the effect by helping your body to generate new muscle tissue faster. You’ll be able to say goodbye to the ice packs and pain relievers as you recover in record time.

6. Improved Health

Perhaps the best reason for taking a pre-workout supplement is simply to improve your overall health. When you’re maximizing your workouts with protein supplements, you will find that staying in shape is easier than ever, helping you to make good health decisions throughout your day, like choosing water over soda and carrots as your afternoon snack instead of candy or potato chips. 

By incorporating this important part of your workout routine, you’ll be fitter, more energetic, and more confident than you ever thought possible.


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