6 ways CBD can make you sleep better

For a long period now, people have been accepting cannabis due to its list of benefits. It can help people to great extent. Its praises and benefits are even mentioned in the Atharvaveda- an ancient Hindu text that dates back to over 1500 B.C. Its effectiveness in inducing sleep has been described in a Chinese medical text that is dated 1200 A.D.

Even today, it is being used by people to help them sleep. The cannabidiol or CBD is the compound found in marijuana and hemp that gives you the benefits but doesn’t make you feel high. It’s emerging as a major health regime in itself due to a great number of benefits and it’s potential to treat different health problems such as pain and anxiety.

It’s understandable why people are using CBD for better sleep. Almost 80% of Americans say that they have trouble sleeping at least once a week. The existing treatments, such as prescription medications are not only ineffective but also prove to be harmful.

Several scientific types of research support the belief that CBD can be an effective sleeping aid. It can effectively help people with short-term sleeping issues.

Does vaping CBD oil make you feel high?

Due to the absence of THC that leads to the “high-effect”, vaping CBD oil does not make a person feel “high”. Granted that it is not made from marijuana that contains THC. Generally, CBD is derived from industrial hemp which contains less than 0.3% THC. This quantity of  THC in a product does not make anyone feel high. So one doesn’t need to worry about getting high. Also, if a person is afraid that it might show up in a drug test then certain CBD products are completely drug-free. Vaping is a fast and most common method to take CBD. If you’re a vape lover, then you should try the vaporizer such as dr Dabber boost evo eRig which will give you the best results and an enriched vaping experience.

How CBD Might Help With Sleep

There are different ways in which CBD can help with sleep. One of such ways is by easing anxiety. As CBD helps a person feeling a lot of anxiety, they feel relaxed. As a result, with time, their sleeping issues will be resolved as well. CBD helps in feeling relaxed and calm. Such a feeling of relaxation can help a person sleep. Even with people who have severe insomnia, if the results aren’t monumental, then there are chances that there will surely be an improvement to great extent.

Scientists have the biological reasons for the causes that CBD might affect the sleep and anxiety of a person. Recent researches show that cannabis compounds interact with receptors throughout the human body i.e. the endocannabinoid system of a person that includes the human brain. One of these types of receptors is supposed to affect a person’s sleeping and waking cycle. Also, CBD interacts with a receptor in the brain that is supposedly linked to anxiety according to scientists.

Should One Try It?

When we ask the experts, they advise that one should consider the more proven therapies for treating insomniacs. Cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT-I can be effective as they focus on changing those habits that might have been the possible reasons for sleep disruption.

But CBD is indeed safer and way more effective than prescription and over-the-counter medications. Such medications can dependent and even pose the risk of OD or death.

 On the other hand, CBD poses way fewer side effects even in the cases of consumption in very high doses. One of the most common side effects is fatigue. Other such side effects may include diarrhea, change in appetite, and fluctuations in body weight.

 In case the other treatments are not proving to be much effective, there is nothing wrong to try CBD.

Works better for anxiety and stress. One should also keep in mind that there are chances that CBD might work better for dealing with anxiety and stress than sleep problems. But it’s true that when you are calm and relaxed, the chances of you falling asleep increases a lot. You can also try a vegan diet for getting proper sleep.

Short-term use might be best. The ability of CBD to help with insomnia may reduce with the continued consumption. So it’s not advisable to go for daily or long term consumption for such purposes. Of course, if one is mindful of the dosage and consumption then that will be helpful.

Higher doses could work better.

Even though the researches regarding this are still underway, some reports suggest that continuous usage in low doses might be very effective in the long run. But if people consume in high doses then it might work better for sleep. But the downside is that such a high dosage might be expensive for many people.

Look for quality products.

Often, the results are not at par with the expectations because of the low-quality product. Many CBD gummies claim to have a better quality of the compound. It’s advisable to go for only those CBD products that are quality assured and are from good brands.

Also, you must talk to your doctor before starting to use CBD for sleep, especially if you take any other medicines. Whether it will work for you or not depend a great deal on your case as it might vary from person to person. But evidence suggests that it’s worth considering.