6 Ways to Keep Track of Your Diet While on the GO

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A healthy diet can help you lose weight and provide you with more energy. It improves your mood and reduces the risk of contracting diseases.

There’s evidence of having a better immune system when you eat healthy foods. However, despite the many benefits a healthy diet offers to people, keeping track of your diet can become a challenge.

Here are six ways to keep track of your diet while on the go.

1.   List down your realistic goals and expectations

There are many health benefits associated with eating a healthy diet, such as potential weight loss. Yet, it’s essential to set a realistic expectation to keep track of your diet while on the go.

For instance, pressuring yourself to lose weight for better health quickly may backfire. Studies have shown that obese people who expected to lose weight within a short period had a higher chance of dropping out of the weight loss program within six to twelve months.

Listing down your diet goals while sitting on your ultra compact camping chair and setting realistic expectations and intentions can provide you with much-needed help in your well-being growth. These goals will give you something to work toward.

They’ll provide you with the motivation and drive to keep on going and create a game plan for yourself.

2.   Finding your motivating factor

It would be best to find out what truly motivates you. If you lack a solid motivating factor, you won’t stick to your health plan for long.

For example, weight loss is a motivating factor. However, it’s for a short-term goal. Many people stay motivated until they lose weight. Then, they go back to their old ways, and sometimes they regain their weight.

Find out what’ll motivate you for the long term. It’ll make you stick to a healthy lifestyle for a long time.

You won’t achieve anything without motivation for a healthy diet. Everyone is unique and has a purpose in life. To steward your purpose, it’s better to find your motivating factor to push you through to your goals and realize your diet and health dreams.

3.   Have a food and weight diary

To successfully lose weight and keep track of your diet, it’s an excellent idea to self-monitor yourself. You can use a paper diary, a mobile app, or a website to record every item of food you consume in a day. You can also measure your progress by measuring your weight weekly.

A preferable choice is downloading apps on your smartphone because of their portability. For example, you can download food and diet tracker apps like My Diet Coach (Free on iTunes and Google Play).

The app aims to help its users resist emotional eating, cravings, and temptation, among other diet challenges. Programming your weight and height into the app will help you visualize what your body currently looks like compared to what it’ll look like at your goal weight.

4.   Have a meal plan

It might seem like a hassle planning for your meals. However, planning your meals for the week will set your diet intentions clear.

It’ll be easier to track your diet choices, and as a result, you’ll make healthy choices even if you’re busy.

An added advantage is you’ll save more money. It’ll reduce your chance of buying food on the go or takeaways because you have food stocked up in the house.

Write your monthly shopping list based on what you need and your health goals. You will only buy what’s on that list. Be sure to add plenty of fruits and vegetables to consume five portions a day at the least.

5.   Drink more water

If someone offers you a drink, it would be best to choose a sugar-free one. Sugary drinks have lots of calories, and it’s easy to consume from them.

Whether it’s a fruit juice, a fizzy drink, sugary coffee, or tea shop flavored latte, they all add up.

There are various science-backed pieces of evidence of the benefits of drinking more water. For example, water maximizes your physical performance during intense exercises and high heat exposure.

Also, studies have shown that drinking water can help you reduce symptoms of headaches and migraines.

6.   Seek a diet and wellness accountability partner

Not only will having a “we’re in this together” friend reinforce your accountability, but also provide you with a diet maintenance motivation.

For example, you can call your friend if you waver. Because your friend depends on you for your morning run, you are less likely to hit the snooze button and skip your morning routine.

You can also get into a healthy eating competition. The winner will get a reward if they achieve a remarkable feat because of their diet choices.

Have an accountability partner that shares your diet goals and ambitions. You’ll both be the driving force of each other in your moments of strengths and weaknesses.


Keeping track of your diet can be a challenge for many. But, if you follow these six ways to keep track of your diet while on the go, you’ll be in a better place to have a healthy body.


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