7 Marketing Tips to Build Your CBD Brand in 2021

The CBD market is ever-growing even amidst the pandemic. Though the pandemic might have brought some slowdown, the rate of development is on an ever high. Investing in CBD is one of the best ideas now.

The market will grow tenfold, and when it does, the CBD business owners will profit from it. So if you are also curious about the CBD business and want to boost your own, you can follow our guide to see how.

Why You Should Invest in The CBD Market in 2021

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. While marijuana gives more THC, industrial hemp provides us with CBD. When the 2018 Farm Bill got passed, CBD products became legal in the States.

Since industrialized hemp has minute THC, the compound responsible for giving psychoactive effects to users, it is safer. Thus, many researchers even mention in their works how CBD is safe to consume and not mind-altering.

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It is why people turn to CBD to help with pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleep disorders, eating disorders, etc. the implications of the cannabinoid are endless, and as more research emerges, the market continues to expand.

Moreover, with more and more people unable to frequently leave their houses, they become users to help with multiple problems. The CBD market will grow substantially in the next five to seven years due to its current high demand.

The CBD Market Figures and Stats Currently

In a report by Grand View Research in 2020, the size of the CBD market summed up to nearly $2.8 billion globally. It is a huge market already, but the current statistics are not the most intriguing part.

The same report also contained a projected figure estimating the future of the same CBD market. The researchers expect the market to grow at an annual rate of 21.2%. If the growth rate gets applied to the current market, in 2028, the market will be at $13.4 billion.

If you observe the figures, you can notice that it is almost six times the current size. Thus, you can imagine just how profitable CBD is to invest in currently. It is why the best time to start your CBD is now.

Tips to Help Build and Promote Your CBD Business

You must have already understood why investing in CBD is the right thing to do right now. So now, let us discuss all the tips and tricks you would need to help build and promote your new CBD business.

For first-time businesspersons, it might seem like a difficult task. However, marketing is easy if you know where you have to focus. Moreover, once you work with these tips and tricks in mind, success will follow:

  • Construct an Attractive Site– The first step in marketing your CBD business is to make the most attractive and easy-to-use website. If you are doing online business, then such a website is the deciding factor for your success.

The aspect that will set you apart from your competitors is your website that users can navigate through and find catchy. Try to opt for a website designer if you do not know how to construct a website yourself.

  • Ensure High-Quality SEO– If you have made a site for your CBD business, the next step is to go for SEO. Search Engine Optimization is an essential trick since most CBD business owners cannot turn to traditional advertising.

Since the laws are still murky about it, you can focus on ranking your website and catching the eye of potential customers. You could hire an SEO expert to do such work if you are not well versed with it.

  • Know Your Audience– You must decide on a target audience and create content to fit their needs. The target audience for CBD users is usually 19-39 years, but feel free to alter this according to your business.

Try to create the content while keeping the target audience in mind for your CBD business. This way, you can save time and effort for marketing and only market to potential customers.

  • Focus On Building a Strong User Network– Once you have a few users visiting your site, ensure to make their experience the best. Help them find your contacts easily or clear any queries.

You must always focus on obtaining long-term users who will support you. Moreover, try to get customer feedback to know what you must improve upon in the future


  • Use Research Works to Promote Benefits–  With products like CBD, claiming extraordinary benefits is a recipe for disaster. It is best not to claim any such benefits in any of your products.

However, to promote, you can use viable research links and studies. You can find these online and mention them, with the benefit, to show why CBD is perfect.

  • Go for Email Marketing– Currently, there are some strict laws for advertising for CBD businesses. These laws restrict such business owners from advertising to the public.

However, you cannot use social media, yet you can go for email advertising. Communicating new offers or deals on your website through email is the best way to advertise your products.

  • Give Utmost Importance to Content– For online sellers especially, content is the best way to reach potential customers. Nowadays, people tend to read standalone CBD blogs and articles to obtain information.

Since the advertisement aspect is still not as clear, the best way to find information on CBD is through web pages. Many sellers maintain blogs, and they are effective. So you must consistently create and publish content for your users to read.


Many people are turning to start their own CBD businesses. Whether you are selling goods through an online or physical store, there is scope for both. And you must be able to fight the competition and stand out.

So to promote and build your CBD business, you can follow a few tips and tricks to begin promoting your business. Direct advertising may not be available for the products, but you can still promote your CBD products to potential customers without them.


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