7 Tips for Making a Good Vape Juice Even Better

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There are hundreds of different brands of e-liquids and thousands of different flavors, so finding a vape juice you can trust can take a bit of trial and error. And once you’ve found one with a superior taste and a pleasant throat hit, you can always go the extra mile and improve it further. All you’ll have to do is follow a few tips.

So, check out the best tips for perfecting your vape juices.

1.    Don’t Vape With a Vaper’s Tongue

If you’ve been vaping for a while, you’ve likely had to deal with the Vaper’s Tongue on a few occasions. Almost every vaper’s had it a few times – it’s when you temporarily lose your ability to taste different flavors. It’s nothing serious, and it usually disappears on its own after a few hours.

The only problem is that you won’t enjoy your favorite vape juices when you have it.

To avoid the Vaper’s Tongue, switch up your e-liquid flavors regularly, drink plenty of water when you vape, and take breaks between your vape sessions.

2.    Change the Temperature Settings on Your Vaping Device

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You wouldn’t believe how vital temperature and wattage settings are for getting the fullest flavor out of your e-liquids.

Different elements found within vape juices vaporize at different temperatures, so you’ll have to play around with the settings a bit to find that sweet spot.

As a general rule of thumb, you should start at the lowest setting and work your way up until you get that perfect taste.

3.    Reduce the Airflow for a Better Experience

This is a matter of simple physics. The more air is mixed up with the vape, the more diluted the flavor will be. So, if you want to enjoy a fresh, rich taste, consider reducing the airflow.

Just be careful when doing so. Airflow is crucial for the production of vapor, so don’t close it off entirely. And keep in mind that the vapor will be hotter with less airflow, so always start reducing it slowly.

4.    Get High-Quality Coils

There are many different types of coils you can use, and each of them delivers a unique vaping experience. For the best flavor, you’ll want to get a high-quality atomizer with the coil located at the bottom. It will ensure that the wicking material is well saturated and that the coil won’t burn it.

Of course, you can always go for the rebuildable atomizers if you know what you’re doing. It takes some skill, but you can customize the coil to ensure that it delivers exactly the flavor you’re looking for.

5.    Pay Attention to the Wicking Materials

The wicking material plays a crucial role in how your vape juice will ultimately taste. It’s generally considered that organic cotton is the best option. It can adequately absorb the e-liquid and become saturated, so you’ll be less likely to experience the dreaded dry hits.

If that’s not for you, ceramic wicks could be a great alternative. They deliver a great flavor, and as a bonus, they tend to last much longer than traditional cotton wicks.

6.    Get a Glass Tank

Like with food, e-liquid flavor and packaging are connected, and different materials will affect the ultimate taste differently. If you prefer vaping stronger, acidic flavors, you should upgrade to a glass tank. Minty and citrusy flavors can eat away at the plastic tanks and lose much of their potency along the way.

And even if you don’t care much about improving the flavor, a glass tank is still a smart investment. It will last longer, and it will be much easier to clean.

7.    Give the Vape Juice a Little Shake

Sometimes, you don’t have to do much to make your vape juice taste better – just shaking it a bit can work wonders, especially if the e-liquid’s been sitting on the shelf for a bit too long.

Since e-liquids are made of ingredients of different viscosities, the “heavier” elements will sink to the bottom of the tank, and the “lighter” ones will float towards the top, causing your e-liquid to separate. Naturally, this means that the coils won’t heat up all the elements simultaneously, and you’ll lose much of the vape juice flavor. So, shake up the bottle before you start vaping!

Final Thoughts

If you get a high-quality vape juice you can actually trust, it doesn’t take much work to get the most out of it and improve your vaping experience. So, just remember to:

  • Avoid vaping with a Vaper’s Tongue
  • Optimize the temperature settings on your vaporizer
  • Reduce the airflow slightly
  • Invest in high-quality coils
  • Get suitable wicking material
  • Use a glass tank, and
  • Shake up your vape juice before using it.

By following these tips, you’ll enhance the flavor and enjoy your every vape session.


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