7 Tips to Dab Cannabis Concentrates

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According to new data, nearly 37 million Americans used marijuana in 2017. This number will rise with the increasing legalization of cannabis in most states. Regarding cannabis consumption, what comes to the mind of most individuals is eating edibles or smoking a joint. However, there are other ways to consume it, one of which is rapidly gaining popularity is dabbing. Do you want to know more about dabbing cannabis concentrates?

The following is a guide on how to dab cannabis concentrates and essential tips to keep in mind to enhance your experience. Read on to find out.

1.    What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

These are processed products extracted from the marijuana plant. Cannabis concentrates are processed to remove impurities and additional plant material and leave the most valuable cannabinoids and terpenes.

Cannabis concentrates are very concentrated and potent. Meaning, when you dab, you expose yourself to more terpenes and cannabinoids compared to when smoking a joint. Thus, you experience a more potent high effect with a smaller quantity of product.

2.    Pieces of Equipment you Require to Dab.

To take full advantage of dabbing, the following pieces of equipment are essential;

1.   Dab rig

It is a glass water pipe that is made precisely for dabbing marijuana concentrates.

2.   Nail

Similar to a bong’s bowl, this is where the concentrate is placed. There are nails made of quartz. However, titanium and ceramic are now becoming more common.

3.   Torch

Propane–fueled torches heat the nails.

4.   Dabber

This is used to apply the concentrate to the nail, and they come in different shapes from spoon to ballpoint, to scoop and paddle depending on your concentrate’s texture.

5.   Cannabis extract

They are available in different forms, and the common ones are BHO, wax, and rosins which are solventless extracts.

6.   A dome

It covers the nail and traps the vape before inhaling.

Some other tools that are important though optional include;

7.   Dab mat

This one is to ensure your dabbing surface is clean and non-sticky.

8.   Carb cap

Assists in regulating airflow.

9.   A timer

Ensures the nail is heated consistently after every dab.

Alternatively, you can also use a cannabis concentrate dab pen which also facilitates dabbing on the go.

3.    How to Choose Cannabis Concentrates?

Now that you have the required equipment, the next step involves selecting a high-quality marijuana concentrate. The concentrates and cannabis products must be purchased from licensed sellers and tested repeatedly.

Because the product is highly potent, it is crucial to be aware of its origins and ensure it is contaminant-free. Also, you can look at the product’s THC content while purchasing to decide which one fits your needs best.

4.    Dosage

It’s a smart move to start small and use it as a reference point to gauge yourself. Micro-dabbing has its benefits, and you are not restricted from taking another dab. Go for the one that best fits you. Different amounts of cannabinoids affect people differently. Therefore, to find the dose that works for you best, you must work your way up from a small dose.

5.    How to Dab?

The process is quite simple and goes as follows;

  1. Turn on the torch and direct the flame to the nail.
  2. Heat the nail to red-hot levels.
  3. Now turn off the torch and let it cool for seconds depending on the material of the nail.
  4. Apply a small amount of the concentrate on the nail using the dabber and inhale.
  5. Rotate the dabber on the nail to avoid wastage of the product.
  6. Cover the dab using a carb cap to regulate airflow.
  7. Now exhale and enjoy the feeling.

   6. How to Clean the Nail?

Reclaimed oil and carbon can accumulate in the nail after dabbing. While many people clean the nail after every hit, you should clean it at least at the end of every session. Some of the ways to do that include;

·         Wash it by soaking the nail in isopropyl alcohol for some minutes.

·         Heating it using the torch to burn up any residue left on the nail.

·         Using a dabber to lightly scrape the nail with caution not to damage the glass in the process.

    7. E-nails

Electronic nails cost more than the standard nails but are worth the extra buck for advanced dabbers. They remove the need for the nail and torch, making them safe and allow the user complete control of the nail’s temperature providing a better dabbing experience.

Experiment Dabbing Today

Though not for everyone, dabbing is an excellent way of consuming cannabis for many people. To ensure you have an excellent dabbing experience, you should make sure the cannabis concentrate in use is high quality.

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