A new short film coming soon centered around MMA called “A Story About A Fight”

Tommy Zhao and Brendan Lynch are fighters and filmmakers. They are currently in the production phase for a short film centered around MMA titled “A Story About A Fight.”

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We’ve all seen “MMA Movies” come and go and some have been more successful than others in the likes of Warrior (2011), Bloodsport (1988), Never Back Down (2008), Kickboxer (1989) and Here Comes the Boom (2012) just to name a few.

Tommy Zhao and Brendan Lynch state about what this film is about:

“This is a film about violence, an exploration into the unholy delight. It’s a film about dreams, growing up, betrayal, father, son, and the raw emotions of ritualized combat.

Vili (the character in this film) finds himself in a tough spot —- he must fight an opponent trained by his own father. Years of abuse and the lack of communication have pushed the pair to do the unthinkable, to spiritually face off against one another in the cage. They’ve become enemies, separated only by the chain-linked fence. Will he survive? Will he fall? The cage has no room for lies. The answer will be found in the serenity of chaos. Everything will reveal itself through the thrill and agony of ritualized combat.

They continue to talk about the concept behind this film:

We intend to portray the complicated, symbiotic relationship between father and son, and the emotional disconnect between the two. The appeal of ritualized violence extends beyond the physical; when we fight, it is a dialogue, a conversation. During which we learn about the opponent, and about ourselves. Combat sports is the sincerest form of competition and a rite of passage since time immemorial.

Our mission is to portray Mixed Martial Arts on film in a way that’s never been done before. Showing it in all its brutality, its elegance, and its utter sincerity. We’re telling a gripping story of the symbiotic relationship between a Father and his Son. This is a Film that tackles an important issue within society — the often experienced difficulty of communication between the two. We aim to explore physical, ritualized combat between two people as a mode of dialogue — a conversation.”

This project has been in the making for three years. And after extensive rewrites, they feel it’s time to bring this film to life. The idea behind this movie came after the two filmmakers fought in an amateur MMA bout. “We felt the loneliness and the camaraderie, and we decided to let everyone else feel it as well.”

Tommy Zhao from Rumination Films talked to FightBook MMA:

“MMA has always had a cult following status. We treasure our little bloodsport, and we defend it tooth and nail in front of others that don’t watch the sport. Gone are the days of the gladiators and the Colosseum, we are, in some sense, their spiritual descendants. We set out to make an authentic Mixed Martial Arts short film, to show people the music and the beauty within combat. We have a simple vision: to make everyone feel what we feel inside the cage how utterly free and alive it feels when that cage door shuts. We’re making this film as a love letter to MMA, and we hope the fans will echo our passion. Supporters of our project thus far includes the like of Bruce Buffer, who is the voice behind our trailer. As well as the Top Turtle MMA Podcast.”

They are reaching out to everyone asking for our help and support to tell this story. You can support “A Story About A Fight” by heading over to their IndieGoGo campaign which has different levels of packages.

You can show more of your support by heading out to their official website and you can also follow the project on their social media by following them on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.