Action Fight League returns Feb. 16 to Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida

HOLLYWOOD, Fla.– The premier mixed-martial-arts promotion in Florida, Action Fight League (AFL), returns February 16th to Seminole Hark Rock Event Center in Hollywood, Florida, presenting a blockbuster event, “War at The Rock: Liberty & Justice for All”, that promises a show stacked with highly competitive fights and incredibly entertaining performances unlike any ever seen before.

Known for showcasing the area’s best fighters, all presented in Hollywood-style, sold-out shows, the AFL’s Jan. 16th MMA event will have a unique twist, to say the least.

Red corner vs. Blue corner will take on a somewhat “lighter” meaning for fighters who have corresponding viewpoints about America, fighting out their grievances in a divided country to represent those who cannot fight for themselves as a means of relief that’s long overdue.

“The fighters will be fighting for America,” AFL spokesperson Rick Finn explained. “Americans are so diverse, but our country is divided right now. As we started to put matches together, we quickly realized that MMA fighters are as diverse as the general public. Not only will the fighters settle the score, fans will also have an opportunity to vent their frustrations by supporting fighters who they feel most aligned with while rooting against their opponents.

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“We’re giving fighters a chance to fight for what they believe in, make statements for either side, as well as give fans an opportunity to choose their sides, Elephant (red corner) or Donkey (blue corner). AFL is providing an innovative platform, a virtual catharsis, if you will, for both sides to stand up and fight for what they believe in against opponents with juxtaposed opinions.”

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the United States Veterans Chamber of Commerce (USVCC) to benefit those who fought for America, military veterans representing both political sides.



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