Adonis Bonilla is ready to take on Dacarri Turner at CFC 7

MMA Vet Jonathan Ivey is back at it again as he will be hosting Cage Fighting Championships (CFC) 7. This event is taking place on October 12th in Murfreesboro Tennessee. We will see a stacked card including 4 CFC title fights. Advertisement

FightBook MMA had the opportunity to sit down again and talk to Adonis Bonilla. He’s a lightweight fighting out of Harris Holt Martial Arts Academy. He’s trained by retired professional fighter Lance Boyd and current professional fighter Jacob Kilburn. His training partners include current CFC Bantamweight champion Isaac Morris and CFC featherweight champion Alexander Schenk. His opponent October 12th is Dacarri Turner who is coming off a loss to another one of Bonilla’s training partners James Hairston.

Check out the conversation he had with FightBookMMA before he steps in the CFC cage on Oct. 12th.

Adonis you made your debut in the CFC last year coming up a little bit short that night. Can you walk us through that fight the way you seen it and what you learned from that fight?

I can’t really make excuses, I made mistakes and I got nervous and my opponent made the best of those mistakes with that being said, I learned so much that night I didn’t let that hold me back I’ve grown a lot as a fighter since

Your opponent October 12th is Dacarri Turner, who fought a training partner of yours James Hairston back in April for the CFC. Have you got a chance to watch that fight or talk to Hairston about it, and what are your thoughts on what type of fighter Dacarri Turner is?

I know that James fought him but I haven’t been able to watch that fight I wasn’t there that day unfortunately. Dacarri seems like a very tough opponent I think is gonna be a really good fight that the people are gonna enjoy.

We have heard through the grapevine that some of the people that train you think you have maybe the most potential of anyone at Harris Holt Martial Arts Academy. But who do you think that you train with is a cant miss in the sport of MMA. Who should we keep a eye out for?

In my opinion all of my teammates have the potential to do great things but someone that really stands out to me is Xander that dude works so hard and he is as talented as they come definitely keep an eye on him.

A lot of your teammates are fighting on the CFC 7 card on October 12th with you. Is there one or two of the fights involving your teammates that your especially excited to see?

Isaac’s fight is one that I’m Looking forward to and of course Xander vs jaime just because both of them are really talented.

Adonis thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shout to?

I’d like to thank my family and everybody that supports thank you all for being there for me