Adonis Bonilla sits down with FightBook MMA ahead of his fight at CFC 9

Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 9: The Return will take place on Saturday, March 6, 2021, in Middle Tennessee Expo in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

One of the fights on the card will be Adonis Bonilla #3 ranked CFC Lightweight Contender will take on CFC Lightweight Champion Jaime Vasquez. This by far will Adonis’s biggest fight of his career!

Adonis took time out of his busy schedule to talk to Roberto Villa CEO of FightBook MMA.

Roberto: Well Adonis like always it’s great to get to talk to you before your big fight in the CFC. And boy do you have a big one coming up March 6th! You’re fighting for the CFC Lightweight Title! How has training been going so far and how have you been since your last fight?

Adonis: Man I’m really excited for this opportunity, training is going great I’m working really hard and since my last fight I’ve been learning none stop in every aspect of life not just when it comes to martial arts.

Roberto: Adonis you have trained in the same gym (Harris Holt Martial Arts Academy) for years with CFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Schenk and CFC Welterweight Champion James Hairston, does the fact that you’ve spent so much time training with CFC champions give you confidence that you’re ready to take this step?

Adonis: I do get a lot of confidence from my team I know how good those guys are and specially working with Xander, I see how hard he works, It motivates me to work even harder. I have a really great team behind me.

Roberto: March 6th you are taking on the CFC Lightweight Champion Jaime Vasquez who has never lost in the CFC and many people consider the best pound for pound fighter to ever compete inside of the organization. How do you see the fight going between you and Vasquez and is this a fight you’ve thought about even before it was offered to you?

Adonis: I remember when I first fought he was already defending his belt and I knew I was gonna fight him at one point which is really exciting for me just because he is supposed to be the best.

Roberto: Vasquez has fought and defeated your teammates Kyle Tetley and current CFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Schenk in the past. Does the fact that you can get a little revenge back for your teammates if you’re able to leave with the CFC title on March 6th motivate you at all, or does your teammates fights against Vasquez not ever enter your mind?

Adonis: I don’t really think about the fact that my teammates lost to him this is not about revenge or nothing like that for me, I don’t really invest myself emotionally like that when I fight. This is just about challenging myself against tough competition and that’s it.

Roberto: Adonis I’m sure you’re not looking past Vasquez at all, he is a huge obstacle. But is there anyone else in the CFC that you’ve had your eye on to fight or that you’ve been impressed with?

Adonis: I haven’t really looked at the rest of the division to be completely honest with you I’m just focused on fighting Jaime at the moment.

Roberto: Thanks Adonis for taking the time to talk with us here at Fightbook MMA. We always appreciate it and enjoy catching up with you. Do you have any sponsors or loved ones you would like to thank in closing?

Adonis: Hey man thank you, is always a pleasure to talk to you. I don’t have any sponsors but I do have an Instagram in which I post art if anybody is into that, follow me at @adonisartcreations.


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