AEE breaks new ground with Legend FC partnership

Macau: Legend Fighting Championship and AEE Aviation Technology, a global leader in drone technology, have announced a unique partnership to bring the magic of drone technology to Macau.

Ahead of the landmark Legend FC 13 event at MGM Theater on 14 September, AEE will launch its new Drone Formation Light Show, featuring a one of a kind choreography, intermixing globe light drones and large lantern drones with a mixed martial arts event in a spectacular dance of technology and physical precision.

The Drone Formation Light Show kick’s off a night of mixed martial arts in Macau, while paying homage to China’s Mid-Autumn Festival.

“By incorporating cutting edge design with creative artistic impression, we are applying technology as a living aerial art canvas that is both beautiful and inspiring,” said Andy Zheng, Founder and CEO of AEE Aviation Technology LLC.

Matthew Kwok, Chairman of Legend Fighting Championship, said Legend was proud to showcase new and innovative technology.

“This is ground breaking technology which allows us to bring a breathtaking interaction between modern technology and traditional martial arts. This performance will be the first of its kind at a mixed martial arts competition.”

Ji Xian, Legend FC current featherweight belt holder, will also be part of the live experience, adding a new dimension to the drone show.

Legend FC 13 will take place at the prestigious MGM Theater on Saturday, 14 September, where Liu Lianjie will face China’s top submission specialist Yuan Chunbo in an exciting main event.

Fans can witness the very best in Chinese MMA and the traditional art of Sanda, with a total of eight competitive matches taking place.

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