AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament Night 2 Results

AEW’s Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament Night 2 also known as The Deadly Draw, started with Big Swole and Nicole Savoy’s team also known as Big & Lil’ Swole. The first match of the AEW tournament was between the teams of Big & Lil’ Swole and Rache Chanel & Leva Bates. Below you can find the results and in the video above you can watch the entire show.

AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament Night 2 quick hits and results:

Bates and Chanel start having issues working as a team. For some odd reason, Peter Avalon is wearing a bathrobe. Chanel blows it and allows Big Swole to get the tag. In the end, the Swoles win with Big Swole getting the pin on Bates after a kick/headbutt/neck breaker combo.

#1. Leva Bates & Rache Chanel vs. Big & Lil Swole – AEW’s The Deadly Draw Quarter-finals Match: Result – Big & Lil Swole def. Leva Bates & Rache Chanel

Dasha hits some athletic and awkward moves in this matchup. Despite her athleticism, Dasha ends up the face in peril. Ivelisse and Diamante carry most of this match. Ellering finally gets the tag and shows off but she soon tags Dasha back in, a HUGE mistake because Ivelisse gets the pinfall on Dasha with a destroyer.

#2. Ivelisse & Diamante vs. Dasha & Rachael Ellering – AEW’s The Deadly Draw Quarter-finals Match: Result: Evelisse & Diamante def. Dasha & Rachael Ellering

The Nightmare Sisters will now take on Big & Lil Swole in the first semi-finals while the second semi-finals of the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament we will see Anna Jay and Tay Conti face Evelisse and Diamante. Next week’s show will stream live on YouTube.

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