After 2 losses, “humble” Garret Nybakken aims to impress at Unified 33

Before Garret “Nasty” Nybakken returns to action against Jeremy Henry at Unified 33 on May 11 at River Cree Resort & Casino in Enoch, Alta., the rejuvinated lightweight spoke with FightBookMMA.

What are your thoughts on your opponent, Jeremy Henry?

He’s got some decent jiujitsu and decent stand-up. He’s well-rounded.

How’s training camp been so far?

It’s been awesome. I’ve been working really hard and trying to incorporate strength and conditioning back into my game. I’ve been making time to train more and I’m the strongest and best conditioned I’ve ever been.

What went wrong in your most recent fights?

In my last fight I went out there a little too headstrong and threw caution into the wind. I could have evened the fight up by using skill instead of us throwing and seeing who could hit each other in the mouth first.

Are you approaching this fight any differently?

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I’ve got more discipline in my home life and my training. I’ve been taking a more disciplined approach to everything, really, and I’ve been working on being more humble. I’ve been learning martial arts more humbly lately – listening more intently and opening myself to it more. It’s worked well and I’ve been improving a lot.

Do you think you’re more dangerous with your back up against the wall at two losses?

Absolutely. Always.

What’s the most likely outcome to this fight?

I think it’s going to be over in the first round or second. The most likely outcome is that I’m going to win. It doesn’t matter if it’s a submission or a knockout. It’s going to be one of those. That’s for sure.

How will it feel to be back in the win column?

It’s going to be great. It’s going to be great just to get back in the cage, man. You know I love this shit.

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