Ahead of BRAVE CF 52, Fakhreddine turns up the heat in response to Said Maalem: “I’m gonna fuck you up”

Mohammed Fakhreddine is set to have the biggest fight of his life at BRAVE CF 52, on August 1st, when he will try to capture the Light Heavyweight world title and become Middle East’s first double champion. But no one said it’d be a smooth sailing towards history and, apart from facing tough opposition inside the cage from his opponent Mohamed Said Maalem, Fakhreddine has been dealing with his rival’s antics in a true media strike over the last days.

After being told by Said Maalem that his dreams would be denied and he’d never become a double champion and, in addition, that he’d leave the arena with his bones crushed, Fakhreddine fired back and went after his opponent on a very personal level.

“I’m fighting someone who pretends to be a man, but unfortunately this guy is a piece of shit, actually. Waited for me till I said I couldn’t fight and then all of a sudden he’s acting tough, he’s a man all of a sudden. August 1st, I’m gonna fuck you up”, Fakhreddine said.

The Lebanese superstar refers to all the drama surrounding his first scheduled bout against Said Maleem, which was supposed to take place at BRAVE CF 50, back in April. Within a couple of hours before the fight, Fakhreddine fell ill and had to be rushed to the hospital, canceling the fight on the spot, which left a sour taste in Said Maalem’s mouth.

Mohammed Fakhreddine and Mohamed Said Maalem’s much anticipated encounter will serve as the main event of the evening for BRAVE CF 52: Bad Blood. The event will be held on August 1st, in Milan, Italy, in association with The Golden Cage.


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