Ahmed Amir preparing for Brave in Brazil at SBG Ireland

Ahmed Amir has initiated his training camp at the renowned SBG Ireland gym under Head Coach, John Kavanagh. This marks the first time a fighter based in the Middle East is adopting SBG Ireland as the training camp for preparation. Amir will be fighting in the upcoming edition of Brave in Brazil taking place on April 13, 2018. With three straight victories in Brave Combat Federation, Amir is undefeated in the promotion but will be fighting for the very first time outside Middle East.

He will face Cleiton Silva from Brazil in his very hometown. Silva has a record of 12 victories against 2 losses in his career and is looking for a high profile fight to avenge his split decision loss in the previous event. With a career record of eight victories out of his nine appearances he is among the leading fighters who is aiming a title opportunity in the lightweight division. Amir is also on a seven fight win streak and is undefeated since he joined Brave Combat Federation.

Ahmed Amir was featured in the first edition of Brave Combat Federation as an underdog against the Jiu Jitsu legend Richie Martinez. Not only did Amir showcased standup skills but also escaped very close submission attempts three times to finish the fight against the grappling expert on the ground by TKO. Emerging from a poor family in Egypt, Amir migrated to Kuwait where he is working as a personal trainer. Despite his back to back victories, Amir is yet to receive the mainstream recognition and haven’t still emerged from the underdog status. The opportunity to train at SBG Ireland and to be the first Arab fighter to earn the opportunity have made Amir the focus of attention, leading to the fight card in Brazil.

“The Lightweight championship at Brave Combat Federation is my goal. I train only to win and I am confident in defeating my opponent. For helping me achieve my goal I really thank my respected coach, John Kavanagh for giving me this opportunity to train and to be at my best.” said Ahmed Amir.

BRAVE 1 Free Fight: Richie Martinez vs Ahmed Amir:

BRAVE 9 Erik Carlsson Vs Ahmed Amir:

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