Al Daaja challenge to Loman to defend the championship

Jordanian bantamweight fighter, Jalal Al Daaja staked his claims for the opportunity to contest for the Bantamweight championship against Stephen Loman. The incident came as soon as the former IMMAF Gold medalist, Frans Mlambo issued a challenge which was accepted by Loman. While Mlambo had his only defeat at the hands of Loman, he went on to defeat the Efrain to stake his claims as the top contender for the championship and to get a much awaited rematch against Loman. Meanwhile Al Daaja had two consecutive victories over athletes from Team Lakay including the Jeremy Pacatiw and Crisanto Pitpitunge.

Al Daaja secured a TKO victory over Pacatiw at Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions hosted in Bahrain followed by a submission victory over Pitpitunge at Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises which was hosted in Amman, Jordan. Both the Team Lakay fighters were defeated by Al Daaja during the very first round. The dominant victory over both Team Lakay fighters leave Loman as the sole athlete from Team Lakay who is yet to face Al Daaja.However Al Daaja has suffered a loss by submission when he face Frans Mlambo during Brave 4 hosted in Abu Dhabi. This is anticipated to act against Al Daaja even though the rivalry against Team Lakay is at its peak and fans at Philippines are expecting the run of Al Daaja to be stopped.

Currently representing The Kingdom Fighters of Jordan, Al Daaja trained at the famour Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand and displayed a more aggressive and all round style of action. With the bantamweight division expanding and the level of athletes constantly improving the upcoming fights will prove crucial for all the fighters.

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