Ali Bagautinov searches for maximum glory at BRAVE CF

Seef District, Bahrain – Ali Bagautinov was among the top Flyweights in the world when the division first came to the spotlight. But falling short on the world title meant that he would have to go back to the drawing board and reset his trajectory. 

While he has yet to replicate in MMA what he accomplished in several other combat sports, Bagautinov’s legacy is there for all to see: a two-time sambo world champion, with relevant titles in several other sports such as wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and pankration, ‘’The Puncher King’’ has also found MMA glory in winning titles in other organizations. 

Now, he returns to his home country of Russia ready to write another dominant chapter of his professional career – and the most glorious one: a belt with BRAVE CF, the fastest-growing MMA organization in the world.  

With his experience and accomplishments, Ali Bagautinov lacks only the maximum glory, the world title, and that’s something that the truly global MMA promotion can offer – but not without a huge test ahead. 

BRAVE CF is famous for its level of competition and for giving the biggest of challenges to newcomers, especially well-known, experienced Mixed Martial Artists, and that’s exactly what Ali Bagautinov will have to face on January 16, in Sochi, Russia, at BRAVE CF 46, as he takes on Oleg Lichkovakha. 

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Young Lichkovakha is only 24, but has a veteran’s record, with more than 20 bouts to his name. He has six wins in his seven last bouts and is eager to show the world what the next generation has to offer. A fitting and difficult first test to one of the greatest martial artists in Russia.


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