It is no big secret that as of late, WWE has their fans scratching their heads with the release of some big named talent. Trying to understand the reasons behind Vince letting talent go that they have been pushing is almost as impossible as trying to figure out brain surgery. What confuses me as a long-time fan and lover of the business, is their decision to let talent go they never gave a real opportunity to. I understand that there are only so many spots on television, but with NXT and the performance center, fans were led to believe this was going to be where all the new stars were sculpted and given chances to shine for the WWE Universe. Some of the talent went on to Raw or Smackdown and have become champions, but there were many that had gotten released that were on their way to becoming beloved talent in the Universe, only to be given the “We wish you the best on your future endeavors” letter. Among some of the names that were released by WWE, a stand out wrestler that has caught my eye recently. This wrestler’s name is “The Judge” EJ Nduka.

Nduka began his athletic career on the gridiron playing football for Jackson Memorial High School where he was awarded the All-Area Defensive player, going on to play college football in Jacksonville and then transferring to Sam Houston State University. After college, Nduka played professional football in the IFL from 2012-2014, and then went on to a successful professional Body Building career. A man like Nduka thrives on competition, so Professional wrestling was his next stop for success. His athletic gifts on the football field and on the football field caught the eye of WWE and in 2018 EJ Nduka was given a tryout with the WWE and then tried out again in 2019. After both tryouts, Nduka signed a contract with the company and began cutting his teeth at the Performance Center under the ring name Ezra Judge. Nduka’s look and athleticism has always been something that had always caught Vince McMahon’s attention, Nduka has the exact look that you want in a professional wrestler. He is as tall as a redwood tree, and looks like he was sculpted out of granite, he also has a great personality, but in true WWE form, rather than work with the new talent, in 2021 they just released him. They never even gave Nduka the chance to begin to grow as a wrestler, which many of the veterans will tell you takes years to master. Nduka wouldn’t be on the shelf for long though, because Court Bauer has always seemed to be a guy who knows what the wrestling fans want, and Nduka was signed in an open draft June of 2021 with MLW.

Shortly after signing, Nduka made his television debut at Battle Riot 3 as part of a 41 man battle royal. Nduka eliminated 12 participants on his own, shattering the previous record. After Battle Riot, Nduka participated in a 12-man elimination match where he was able to put his amazing athleticism on display again and impressed the fans in Philly with his incredible strength and power moves. The agents backstage at Major League Wrestling realized the diamond in the rough they have in their company, and immediately teamed Nduka up as part of The Dynasty. Teaming up with Richard Holliday and The MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone, Nduka was now pushed into the spotlight in the War Chamber Match against Jacob Fatu and Contra. Nduka shined in this match and in my opinion, put on more of a show than the rest. Of course, the stage was set for the champ to get the winning count in the match up, but Nduka’s use of power moves was the focal point. Those who follow Nduka on social media know that he works hard to keep his physique as pristine as possible, and it show in his movements in the ring. Nduka’s move set in the ring is extreme raw power, but his charisma reminds me of a very early Booker T.

Major League Wrestling really has their finger on the pulse of wrestling fans around the world, their recent signings have been a god-sent, and with amazing wrestlers in MLW like Jacob Fatu, Nduka will have his opportunity to shine, build great story lines and become champion. In my opinion, Nduka will be with MLW for a very short time because with AEW signing talent left and right, I can see that forbidden door opening, and “The Judge” will be holding court. With the new MLW season in full swing, 2022 looks to be a breakout year for Nduka, so if you haven’t seen his matches then get on YouTube and check him out, and for those who are already a fan… Grab your popcorn and just keep watching because this should be the year of the judge.


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