Amanda Bobby Cooper eyes TKO win in Lights Out title bout and return to UFC by the end of 2020

UFC vet Amanda Bobby Cooper goes for her second straight win when she fights Pamela Boveda Aguirre for the inaugural Lights Out Championships women’s bantamweight title on May 2 in Grand Rapids, Mich., LIVE on FITE. Before that, “ABC” spoke with FightBook MMA.

What does fighting for this championship mean to you?

It means validation for all the years of training and competing that I have in my career. Lights Out is the best promotion in the state and I’m the best female fighter in the state so it will feel great to be the Champion.

What’s the most likely outcome for this fight?

I see another TKO finish for me. Everyone watching will know exactly what I know. There are different levels in this sport and I’m on a different level then these girls.

How’s it going to feel to have that belt wrapped around your waist?

It’s going to feel great to win and get the title but putting in all the work for 10 weeks before this fight and training hard for the 5-round fight is going to feel even better. Knowing I can out on top after all the hard work I’m putting in is going to feel amazing.

After you win the title, what’s next?

I would love to fight right away after this fight, back to 125 and keep a big winning streak going this year.

How would it feel to fight on the same UFC card a your husband, undefeated Lights Out champ-champ Cody Brundage?

I don’t ever want to fight on the same card as my husband. I would love for us both to be fighting in the UFC, but when he fights or when I fight we are too emotional and adrenaline runs for each other and I don’t think it’s smart to do that on the same night and risk someone’s performance.

What would you like to accomplish in 2020?

In 2020 I want to fight 4 times and get on a big win streak and by the end of the year I want to be back to the UFC

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