Anna Krajewski talks to FightBook MMA about her upcoming fight at CFC 8

Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships is starting 2020 with HUGE BANG! The promotion is ready and will be hosting CFC 8. The event will take place on March 7th in Murfreesboro Tennessee at the MID TEN EXPO.

This card is stacking up and one of the fighters on the card is Anna Krajewski. She made her CFC debut at CFC 6, she suffered a first-round defeat but is excited to make her return to the organization match 7th for CFC 8. Krajewski will take on Sabrina Stover in the CFC Bantamweight division. She took time away from her busy schedule to talk to FightBook MMA and you can find the interview below.

Anna your back in the CFC!!! You actually made your debut in the organization almost a year ago. Unfortunately, things didn’t go your way that night. What all did you learn from that experience as a whole….things leading up to the fight, the tension in the locker room, your first ring walk, fighting inside of a cage, dealing with defeat…fill us in on your experience.

My first fight was an amazing experience. I was going into it 6 months after a leg surgery (I broke my leg sparring in October 2018, 11 days before what was supposed to be my debut in CFC). Being able to recover and step into a cage was a great personal accomplishment for me after the initial set back. I learned a lot from this experience as a whole but the most surprising and the most amazing thing for me was the importance of teamwork and team support both in the gym and in the locker room. We have a strong team at Harris Holt and we all help and support each other. I learned a lot about all aspects of fighting from my teammates and Coach Lance. The defeat was quite frustrating, only because I hoped that I could show off some more skills and gain more experience in that fight. I learned that anything can happen and you have to be prepared for anything. Overall I had a great night fighting and cheering on my teammates.

You had spots in your fight with Jessica Bailey that you looked very good, why do you think things went the other way for you at CFC 6?

Looking back, I know I looked good for most of the fight but it wasn’t a good performance. I was basically trying to hold on to the top mount and did some damage with my punches, but not enough for the ref to stop the fight. I showed poor skill on the ground and made a mistake of extending my left leg too far which led to my opponent getting me in half guard and having her way with me afterward. I basically did not have enough skill to win that fight in the end.

March 7th you returning to take on Sabrina Stover who previously fought at 115 we believe. Do you think there will be a clear size advantage for you in this fight?

I have never seen Sabrina in person but I don’t think there will be much of a size advantage and I’m certainly not counting on it. Despite me walking around heavier, I don’t know if I actually have advantage as far as body dimensions go. I’m always told I look small for my weight. If anything, she has the advantage of not having to cut weight as I do.

What is it going to take from you for you to come out the winner at CFC 8 and move you up the rankings?

We are one week out so I have done as much training as I could have and now it is all about cutting weight first, feeling strong the day of the fight, going in with a clear head and having fun!

Anna thank you for talking with us just a little over a week before your fight. Is there anyone you would like to thank or show some love to before we close out this interview?

I would definitely like to thank Coach Lance and Coach George B; my teammates George P, Alejandro, Xander, Adonis, Saige, Zach, Karen, Isaac, and Kyle and Kenny! Also the countless friends who let me choke them or put them in an arm bar.

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