“Arrival of ‘Shorty’ Torres proves that Brave is the fastest-growing promotion”, president Mohammed Shahid

The signing of Jose “Shorty” Torres by Brave Combat Federation has sent shockwaves through the MMA world, as the two-time Titan FC champion vowed to repeat his greatest feat and capture flyweight and bantamweight gold in his new home. And Brave president Mohammed Shahid claims his arrival proves that the promotion is the fastest-growing organization in the world.

Shahid has described Torres as one of the “hottest free agents in MMA” and was delighted to link up once again with the amateur world champion, who has started his professional career representing KHK MMA.

“Brave is setting unprecedented marks in the sport since it first came to the scene, less than 30 months ago. “Shorty” Torres is a long-time associate of KHK MMA and His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa’s initiatives and having him back, as one of the hottest and most disputed free agents in the market, cements our position as the fastest-growing promotion in the world”, guarantees Shahid.

The official also revealed that he’s already in talks with Jose’s team as to what’s his first steps will be with Brave CF and guaranteed Torres’ best days are still ahead of him both at flyweight and at bantamweight.

“Torres has accomplished a lot in his career so far but we’re positive that the best days are still yet to come, and that is a vision that he shares. He’s a fighter with a potential to be among the best in both Flyweight and Bantamweight division and we’re already sitting and discussing what’s going to be his first step alongside Brave CF”, says the Brave president.