Last Friday night, 2 former MCC Champions got down, in a FIGHT of the NIght performance, ending in controversy, leaving the highly competitive Van Meer devastated, and not impressed, whatsoever. Henry finished Van meer in the 2nd via RNC, but not before Henry had vomited from some huge body shots from the former Champion in Van Meer, to the former Champion Henry. The real issue here is obviously vomiting during a bout is against the rules under the Iowa State Athletic Commission. Why the bout was continued was due to a combination of a newer ref still in training, and a little miscommunication. The 2nd issue here is the reason Van Meer was even on the mat was due to slipping in vomit that was not cleaned up, Van Meer insists. Cageside, FIGHTBOOKMMA did not witness a 2nd or 3rd vomiting, as Van Meer claims. It is clear to me that he did slip on something, and it is also clear that Henry did vomit the 1st time, as he (Van Meer) went down quickly in an obvious slip in the 2nd rd. Henry pounced, instantly it seemed the confused Van Meer was choked out, leaving a lot of us confused. When FIGHTBOOKMMA reached out to both fighters they had this to share.

Van  Meer states:

“When agreed to take this fight, I agreed to 216 knowing I had to lose 50 lbs. With no training in my recent history. I successfully met that goal with a rigorous training camp ran by Coach Charles Heller, and I stayed dedicated to this plan. I finally kicked the “short term” mentality and have implemented a lifestyle change for my diet and exercise, which has positively impacted me both, in and out of the cage. My last fight is controversial and being looked at by the Iowa Athletic Commission. No matter the outcome, I am looking forward to continuing my training and fighting career. I have an opportunity to continue fighting and I intend to do so differently, than in my past by choosing fights wisely and hope to retire after giving some great entertainment for a prominent Midwest show.”

Van Meer at one point, explained in our conversation that the vomit basically weirded him out, and he lost concentration at the end, after slipping. Van Meer has asked for a rematch and both fighters have verbally agreed by the next day. Henry understood the rules and didn’t seem to have a beef about the facts of the matter, and gladly accepted a rematch prior to the conclusion of the appeal to the Commission.

Josh Henry’s response to Van:

Alright man I was gonna do a big long deal but fuck it. He can say that I only won because he slipped but to that I say watch the first round. I’m the one that made that fight exciting while he hung with his butt on the cage trying to not get knocked out. I did throw up once but they cleaned it up and we kept fighting. I’m the guy that fights until the ref pulls me off. He can whine all he wants but I never stopped fighting. We will have a second fight and I’ll smash him again.

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