Balance Of Power Now Favors BRAVE CF In Asia Due To Wider Footprint

BRAVE Combat Federation may have firmly established its roots in Bahrain, but the company has developed into one of Asia’s global sports juggernauts by holding a series of blockbuster shows in the region and its neighboring continents.

Since its inaugural card in September 2016, the organization has staged 53 live events in 23 different countries–ten of which are Asian nations such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, India and Pakistan.

In line with its strategy of building talents from the grassroots level, BRAVE CF took advantage of venturing into untapped Asian markets like Kyrgyzstan, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

”The MMA industry can’t use social media numbers to start talking about who’s bigger. That’s funny because this can be increased in any number of ways. It has nothing to do with actual business success,” said BRAVE CF president Mohammed Shahid.

“The true business success is based on action, making starts instead of bringing already-made stars and on-ground presence wherever you go in the MMA markets,” he continued. “That’s true business talk. Those are true points of comparison.”

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Acknowledging the efforts of its counterparts to push the sport of mixed martial arts into greater heights in Asia, BRAVE CF made an effort to secure its ground and pole position in the territory through BRAVE CF 47: Asian Domination this past March that featured competitors from the Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Lebanon and Bahrain.

Furthermore, the promotion held its second event in Almaty, Kazakhstan last August, highlighting 11 of the country’s homegrown talents on a 14-bout card.

With all the barriers and records that BRAVE CF has shattered in the continent, the only way for the global outfit to go is up.

“We’re not just showing numbers. We’re just stating facts. BRAVE CF beats everyone in Asia,” Shahid declared. 

BRAVE CF will go outside Asia on Saturday, September 25 to return to Europe, hosting its maiden fight card in Konin, Poland. It is headlined by a grudge match between BRAVE CF Lightweight World Champion Amin “Fierceness” Ayoub of France and challenger Ahmed “The Butcher” Amir of Egypt.


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