Bellator Veteran Khai Wu to Headline Colorado Combat Club Event in July

TRACY, CALIFORNIA — Dodge Sports client and Bellator veteran featherweight Khai Wu (6-2) will headline Colorado Combat Club 7 on July 24 against Alejandro Rodriguez (2-1) as he looks to extend his current winning streak to five straight victories.

“I see this fight as a chance to demonstrate all the lessons I learned in my previous fights,” said Wu, 25. “My four-fight winning streak doesn’t mean anything to me unless I go in there and fix the mistakes I made in my last four fights. I’m not going into this fight just looking to get my hand raised, I’m going to try to really apply some new tactics I’ve learned during the COVID-19 pandemic. I just want to see it all pay off, reinvent myself, and progress from there.”

Wu developed an international reputation as a slick striker and grappler. Competing both in the United States and Taiwan, “The Shadow” has dazzled fans with his abilities, such as when he snatched up a Peruvian Necktie variant in August 2019. He hopes to emerge from an extended off-period with a skillset and mentality unlike any he’s entered a fight with before.

“I think this fight is definitely a really exciting turning point for me, especially with all of the craziness that has happened with COVID-19 and the pandemic. I want to get back into the mix with this fight, reinvent myself, and see how I feel. Then, I’d like to finish the year with two or three more fights; I just need to fill the void I had during the pandemic,” said Wu. 

Ahead of the fight against Rodriguez, Wu plans to train with the talented fighters and coaches at Blackhouse and Resistance Fitness Center. 

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“My main gym, Guerilla Jiu Jitsu in Pleasanton, closed down due to COVID in an unforeseen detour. We’re planning to reopen again soon. In the meantime, I’ve been training with Resistance — they’re a fairly new gym that just came together. They’ve got a lot of UFC vets. I’ve got a lot of good guys to work with over there, and then Blackhouse was invite-only; I’m very fortunate to get connected with them and train with a lot of high-level wrestlers and the legendary Kenny Johnson,” explained Wu.

Stressing that he has learned from past lengthy camps in which he overtrained and plans to be the best version of himself to date, Wu states that he wants to be “as active as possible” in 2021. 


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