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Multi time belt holder, and current Ascendancy Fighting Championship’s Pro MMA Flyweight Champion NATE WILLIAMS gets second call to the big show, after deciding to retire, he announced in the cage, to the huge crowd at AFC 16 in Clive, Iowa where Williams made his appearance. This BELLATOR CARD/MIR v FEDOR will take place at the Allstate arena in Rosemont, Illinois. Prelims start at 5pm.

Williams will face Joey DIEL, a Black Belt from Algonquin, Illinois. Well known to Williams, both have fought in the same regions, most of their long careers. This fight will take place on April 28th and FightBookMMA sat down with Teddy Bear at Atomic #26 Gym a couple of days ago in the middle of his workout as he prepares for his second chance, at an amazing opportunity with BellatorMMA. I hope Williams and his personal trainer Ben with Guerrilla Supplements, didn’t mind me barging in on them, although Williams did agree to the interview, I just never officially confirmed exactly, when or where. That’s how I do it, I’m like the Iowa MMA Star stalker. Went Tom Clancy (Rainbow 6) on em, or Hellwanni, if you will.

Since joining up with Guerilla Supplements, 2 years ago, Williams has gotten the BIG LEAGUE opportunity, twice in a year, which is definitely an encouraging development. Williams hope this next performance will earn him a spot at “the Table”, in terms of multi fight contracts with Bellator, or probably any of the biggest global type Promotions, post April 28th. This is a very important fight for Williams, and his MMA career.

FightBookMMA: Did u study film on your next opponent?

Williams: “Ya, I studied a little bit. But, I was already very familiar with him”

Though, still unsure what Williams version of “ a little bit” was, I thought Is a little bit, an hour, or a day (film)? not wanting to wear out my welcome, I moved on. Williams, relaxed, informed me that he is from small town Waterloo, Iowa and moved to Des Moines in 2005 as a wrestler still in school. Training in Porcelli’s Youth wrestling program at the time, that lead him to MMA initially, due to the other half of that Gym  was also Porcelli’s Des Moines MMA Academy( also known as Porcelli’s Training Center, now) where future stars he never said iowa martial arts and wellnesssuch as Josh Neer, Jeremy Stephens, to name a couple, made their BIG LEAGUE MMA starts in that very same Gym , on Des Moines north side. I didn’t specifically ask, but I’ll assume that half of the gym, is what pulled him from the other half. Now days, Williams trains Jits at NO COAST BJJ, and VTT for MMA, ATOMIC #26 GYM w/Guerrilla trainer for strength and conditioning and at the Iowa Martial Arts and Wellness.

Since that MMA transition began, Williams Has held/holds many titles in MMA, probably near 15. The others were never taken from him, once he got the belts in whatever promotions, he held on to it, until the promotional doors closed, more or less. By my count that’s 12 Pro MMA belts that were never taken from him, for those looking in, from the outside. So, technically he is the undisputed Champion Of 12 different MMA promotions, Flyweight Titles.

FightBookMMA: Have you changed anything about your routine, for this fight?

Williams: No, I haven’t changed anything, I’ve kept everything the same”

Williams last defend his AFC flyweight title in December 2017, in a seemingly challenged 2nd round submission of Jason Huntley. Williams informed me that he hasn’t changed his regular routine any, other than of course trying to get leaner and stronger, under his strength and conditioning coach Ben, who added, “Williams has gotten considerably, leaner and stronger, since they began working together 2 years ago”. The work under Ben today, was around a couple of hours, just strength and conditioning. The guys didn’t seem to mind talking to me. I asked a couple more questions, and departed.

FightBookMMA: How do you this think this fight will go?

Williams: “ I don’t know. I think it will end in a KO or submission, not a decision. Most of my fights are not decisions.”

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