Bobby Lee talks Friday fight: “I Live for These Moments!”

Top prospect Bobby Lee is back in action Friday at LFA 68 in his native Minnesota, trying to improve to 11-3 with another big win on AXS TV Fights. Before that, he spoke with FightBook MMA.

How has training camp gone for this fight?

I don’t really ever have a training camp I just always go to practice. I go to practice twice a day everyday.

How excited are you to get back in the cage?

I fought April 26th in Sioux Falls and I only had about two weeks heads up for that. I was expecting to go to 155 for this May 31st fight turns out it’s at 170 so I was even lighter for a fight that was 5 lb up in weight. This time it was thirteen days heads up. I’m super excited to get back in the cage I live for these moments.

What should fans expect in your return to action?

I think the fans should expect me to be the aggressor and to get the knockout in the first round. My opponent has shown that he does not have the greatest chin and I’m looking to be the third person to drop him with big punches.

How important is it for you to get this win?

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The way I see it is if I get this first round knockout like I’m predicting, I could potentially get called to the UFC because I will have shown that I’m a professional, that I’m ready on two weeks notice.

Do you have any celebrations planned?

I do not have celebrations planned. I don’t have anything planned for the day after. I’m not looking past Maycon it could very well be the toughest fight of my life and I could be banged up and bruised the next day and not wanting to or able to move. If I get a 30 second knockout like I think it could go… The best case scenario is that I go to bed early and I go and teach my 10AM kickboxing class and continue to get better. I want to make it to the UFC and I want that opportunity to win a big payday I could be one fight away from having a $70,000 night ($10k&$10k + 50k Bonus)

Where would you like to be one year from today?

In one year from now I want to be 4-0 in the UFC with four Performance of the night bonuses and the whole world taking notice.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank while you have this opportunity?

My coaches are some of the most selfless people and I’m starting to see that it’s not all about wins and losses… It’s about how you conduct yourself. What kind of teammate are you. How you treat your teammates even when you don’t have a fight… Brock Larson, Chris Cichon, and Ben Locken are in my corner and I owe these guys a lot… my teammates at start BJJ Academy in St Cloud and at the Cellar Kickboxing Academy in St Anthony are very important people to me.



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