BRAVE CF 48: Djiroun finishes Makhazhiev with guillotine submission in the main event

Frenchman Ylies Djiroun arrived surrounded by high expectation at BRAVE Combat Federation, landing a main event spot in his very first fight. And “Broly” lived up to the hype and submitted Abdul-Rakhman Makhazhiev in the third round at BRAVE CF 48.

In the first round, Djiroun controled the distance and avoided the takedown attempts by Makhazhiev, which created space for a beautiful head-kick knockdown.

In the second and the third rounds, Djiroun kept using his striking as a set up and took the opportunity when a tired Makhazhiev shot for a takedown and got him in a deep guillotine choke, to finish the fight and arrive in style at the truly global promotion.

VIDEO – Djiroun catches Makhazhiev in guillotine:


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