BRAVE CF 50: Ali Bagautinov beats Dustin Ortiz, advances to fight Shorty Torres at Flyweight Tournament semifinal

Ali Bagautinov vs Jose “Shorty” Torres will decide the second finalist of the prestigious BRAVE Combat Federation Flyweight World Title Tournament. Bagautinov advanced to the semifinal after defeating Dustin Ortiz via unanimous decision at BRAVE CF 50.

Both Ali Bagautinov and Dustin Ortiz put on amazing performances and left it all inside the BRAVE CF Arena. But it was the Russian powerhouse who had the upper hand during the entire fight, whether they were scrambling on the ground or trading punches while standing up.

With his second BRAVE CF victory, apart from earning a spot in the tournament semifinals, Ali Bagautinov improved his professional record to 20 wins and 7 losses. After the fight, Ali had the opportunity to stand face-to-face with his next opponent for the first time, as Jose Torres, who was serving as a commentator to the event, left his position at the TV booth and entered the cage for a face off.


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