BRAVE CF 51: Denis Maher humble in victory, asks audience to not clap for his knockout

Minsk, Belarus – In what ended up being the main event of the evening at last night’s BRAVE CF 51: The Future Is Here, Denis Maher showed why the hype behind him is big, and delivered a show-stopping knockout to earn his first BRAVE CF victory at home. But his actions after the uppercut landed on Rinat Sagyntay and the referee waived off the bout, were even more noteworthy.

As soon as the fight was stopped, the Belarusian crowd exploded into cheers for their home country hero. However, sensing that it would be disrespectful to celebrate until he knew Sagyntay was ok, Maher asked the fans to keep the celebrations to a minimum, and immediately went to check on his opponent.

Even after assuring that Rinat Sagyntay was ok, Maher chose to keep the celebrations to a minimum in sign of respect, and said he hoped to see Sagyntay in action soon.

‘’Thank you very much for this win, I hope my opponent feels better as soon as possible, and I feel very, very good to be able to get this win in Minsk, Belarus, I wanted to finish him, and I was able to. I’m grateful to everyone who has supported me throughout camp, and also tonight. This is a great victory for my team, and for my country’’, commented the still undefeated Maher.

With Denis’ win, Belarusian fighters just edged the foreigners, with three wins against two losses. Aside from Maher, Vadim Kutsyi dominated Daniyar Abdibaev en route to a unanimous decision win, and Vadim Rolich knocked Kurbonsho Jamolov out with a ferocious spinning-back kick. Artem Lukyanov ended up on the losing side against Bakhtovar Yunusov, and Vladislav Novitskiy was edged by Yanis Ghemmouri. 

VIDEO: Watch Denis Maher knock Rinat Sagyntay out, and ask for silence from the audience:


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