BRAVE CF Announces Groundbreaking Partnership With FIGHTING.DE

BRAVE Combat Federation is making massive strides in taking over the European mixed martial arts market, and it seems that their plans for expansion are only getting bigger. This Sunday, BRAVE CF announced an official groundbreaking partnership with FIGHTING.DE, the leading combat sport platform in Germany. 

FIGHTING.DE brings the international world of combat sports to Germany. Fans find the best fighting events from Germany and all over the world, exclusive interviews with top fighters, premium-documentations, portraits, fight analysis and news. 

“We are proud to be the official partners of BRAVE Combat Federation, the fastest growing MMA promotion in the world and add another global player to our roster,” says CEO of FIGHTING.DE, Michael Ortlepp. 

The announcement confirmed as the official partner for BRAVE CF in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and teased multiple collaborations for the upcoming year. 

“We are very excited to announce this groundbreaking partnership with Our goal is to bring the best of global MMA to Germany through and take Germany to the world through BRAVE CF,” says BRAVE CF President, Mohammed Shahid. 

“Together, we will not only enjoy the best fighters and entertain the German fans but also build a global platform of events in Germany and see the best of the best German MMA talents on the global mma stage with BRAVE CF,” he added. 

The Bahrain-based mixed martial arts promotion has established a strong grip on the European MMA scene and its dedication to the grassroots development of mixed martial arts globally is visible through their state-of-the-art events and extensive scouting program. 

With over 80 active European fighters from 30+ countries on the roster, BRAVE CF partnership with will introduce German MMA fans to some of the best fighters from around the world. 

“BRAVE CF has top level fighters like Ismail Naurdiev or Mo Grabinski and has been setting new standards with their outstanding productions,” says Ortlepp. “This cooperation is another big step to develop MMA in Germany into a mainstream sport.”

BRAVE CF has held events in 23 countries across 5 continents, 8 of which are European and is adding the 9th European destination this September 25th with its maiden venture into Poland for BRAVE CF 54. 

Despite no event confirmation, BRAVE CF partnership with FIGHTING.DE alludes to a bright future for MMA in Germany. 

“I am very excited to kick off this partnership and introduce a new era of MMA to Germany,” says Shahid. 


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