BRAVE CF European Takeover Continues With Milan Italy

Founded in 2016 by His Highness Shaikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the fifth son of the King of Bahrain, and a sportsman himself, BRAVE Combat Federation has transformed the mixed martial arts world, sending shockwaves to the combat sports community with its aggressive approach to popularizing MMA around the world. Since it was established, BRAVE CF has visited 22 countries in five continents and made combat sports history as the only organization to have hosted shows in so many nations in this period of time. 

Being a truly global mixed martial arts promotion, BRAVE CF focuses its efforts on changing the sport at a grassroots level by working alongside local promotions and national MMA federations to provide opportunities for talented fighters from countries that are seldom overlooked globally and empower the sport in every region.

What played a huge part in the success of this promotion is their introduction of a new national ecosystem for MMA – a new business sports model to elevate MMA – a sport structure focused on athlete’s talents rather than marketability to bring up the best talents from nations worldwide and move the MMA business away from being revenue focused and focus on what is important – skills, talent, and growing the MMA industry.

During that time period, BRAVE CF transformed into the largest sports media property in the Middle East, established itself as the first, and thus far only, international organization to host an event in Africa, and acquired the largest active market share in Asia, and helped revolutionize the sport in Europe, becoming the first international promotion to organize seven shows in a calendar year in European soil in 2020 and most active MMA promotion there.

BRAVE CF has long identified Europe as one of the biggest markets for MMA, a continent with an immense love and tradition for sports, and full of talents in all of its corners. Since the company’s inception, hundreds of European fighters have plied their trade at BRAVE CF, which currently has 80+ European fighters on its roster that come from 30+ different countries. 

Recently, they have announced an upcoming show in Italy, the next nation following the footsteps of Northern Ireland, England, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Russia, and Belarus as hosts of a BRAVE Combat Federation show in collaboration with Icon Holding and as a co-promotion with Golden Cage. An event aimed towards highlighting the next generation of global italian mixed martial arts phenoms to the world and keep the spotlight on the European MMA scene. 


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