BRAVE CF milestones: becoming only one of two promotions to visit 5 continents

Seef District, Bahrain -18 October 2020
As BRAVE Combat Federation wrapped up “Kombat Kingdom”, the series of three consecutive events in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the truly global MMA promotion also turned four, completing 48 months of operations. In this time, BRAVE CF became the second organization in the sport to visit 5 different continents.

What makes BRAVE CF achievement even more impressive is the fact that it is the only other promotion to do so. The UFC has been around since 1992 and took 17 years since its first show to expand to its fifth continent.

With BRAVE CF, on the other hand, things happened much faster. The Bahrain-based organization, founded by His Highness Sheikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa, started its operations in September 2016 and as early as in its third event was travelling to South America, to host a show in Brazil.

With Asia and South America covered, the next step was to conquer North America and that came in 2017, with BRAVE CF 7: Untamed, held in Tijuana, Mexico. The year of 2018 marked a huge milestone for the promotion, with 12 events in 12 different countries, and finished off the quick global expansion.

In June 2018, BRAVE CF landed for the first time in Europe, with BRAVE CF 13, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Two months later, in August 2018, Morocco was the first African country ever to hold an international Mixed Martial Arts event and BRAVE CF reached the five-continent mark in record time, doing so in less than two full years of existence.

Despite the challenging circumstances of 2020, BRAVE Combat Federation has put together the strongest COVID-19 protocol in the industry of MMA and held so far 10 events in four different countries, including three European nations, Slovenia, Romania, and Sweden. 


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